WisepowderPalmitoylethanolamide(PEA): A Supplement To Keep You In Perfect Shape


Losing weight or gaining weight, both equally need a lot of patience and consistency. When it comes to losing weight, people prepare a strict diet plan and include some supplements along with it. Weight loss journeys are sometimes exciting, sometimes sour and sometimes people give in midway. Not everyone can compromise on taste when it comes to balancing a diet. The tension is over now with an appetite regulator and fat burning receptor that helps in weight loss. Appetite regulation is a major factor in weight loss. One should feel fuller after having a meal which can prevent intake of frequent meals. 

The wisepowder Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) plays an important role in feeding behaviour, activating bodybuilders, shred fats, developing lean muscles and more. However, whenever the body needs to fight pain and inflammation, it naturally produces PEA. Many plants and animal species also produce PEA. 

Wisepowder Palmitoylethanolamide(PEA)

The chemical can also be extracted from alfalfa, soybean, egg yolk, peanuts and milk. A fat-burning receptor namely, PPAR alpha which is also anti-inflammatory and energy enhancing is stimulated by PEA. 

Due to the stimulation a lot of inflammatory substances are released which reduces inflammation and triggers lipid metabolism regulation. PEA also triggers cannabinoid receptors through indirect mechanisms. CB2 and CB1 are the two indirect cannabinoid stimulation that acts as a fake substrate for fatty acid hydrolase, which is an enzyme used for AEA degradation.

As per researchers, PEA also increases CB2 receptors levels and protein PPAR activation. It also lowers fatty acid hydrolase activities which help in breaking off cannabinoids which helps you stay relaxed at times of pain. 

As you have seen more of the inflammatory benefits of PEA, it also has weight loss benefits. 

Benefits of PEA

  • Prevents pain and inflammation- Due to obesity the inflammatory processes soon begin to appear. PEA acts as an endogenous lipid which in turn acts as an inflammatory process. PEA has chemicals that almost stop the inflammation in the body.
  • Appetite regulation-This is an important factor in maintaining the correct weight. PEA controls feeding behaviour by sending signals to the brain. These signals make you feel fuller and increase the foot intake interval time. Hence, a person experiences a remarkable reduction in food intake, fats production, fat mass and weight. 
  • Enhances metabolism-PEA burns fats and makes you feel full. Hence, it forms a valuable resource in helping you complete your weight loss journey. 

PEA consumption

So far you have seen what wisepowder Palmitoylethanolamide(PEA) is and its benefits. But the results appear best when consumed properly. You can consume 200mg capsules of it when taken individually or 100 mg capsules when taken with other supplements.

When consumed properly it can also help you fight cough, cold, fever and numerous other ailments. The best part is that it is easily available online, but one must assure that the product like wisepowder Pyrroloquinoline quinone (PQQ) is real.

Sum up

So if you are having a tough time losing weight, PEA is here to help you. Stop compromising on taste and lose weight happily