The elegant red for your business card



The marketing tool for business was and still is cards. Variations in designs have changed over time along with modern techniques. Among the numerous choices of colors, color combinations, fonts, types, shapes, materials it is indeed a tough task to choose a perfect business card for your brand image. 

One thing you can never deny is the elegance and class of the grand color red. A dash of red changes the entire appearance. In so many cases, people consider color brings luck too. Handy man business cards in this case can be handy. Handyman cards carry your brand image and it’s a visual reminder of what service your brand is catering to.

Why choosing a red business card?

    • Choosing a font and material that represents you and your brand image is equally as important as choosing the color tones for the card.
    • Pastel shades, primary colors can be very basic and bland. But red is also a primary color that is vividly bright.
    • Red color used in business cards might be a bit risky since it stands out a bit too much, but it is a risk worth taking if you are taking bold steps.


  • Red business cards are a very classy choice for your brand. And you can’t ignore the elegance the color red brings.


    • Red is an attractive color. It makes your business card stands out.
    • Various shades of red give you multiple choices to choose what goes best for your brand representation.
    • Dark red shade with white typography oozes the elegance design-wise.


  • Handyman offers you with easily customizable card designs.


  • People from religious backgrounds believe that red is a lucky color and brings good luck. They would want to keep the color red in their business cards if they are starting a new business.
  • Red is psychologically proven to be an attractive and impressive color. A good business offering their services with a marketing medium with an eye-catching color like red is surely a winning move.

Ultimately, it’s your choice what and which way you’d like to design your business cards, but this is a little insight if you’re confused among so many choices.


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