The stresses of running a medical practice


Running a medical practice is stressful at the best of times, let alone when there is a global Pandemic going on. Doctors have had to adapt the way that they are working to reduce the numbers of people that are gathering in surgery spaces. Some of the most common stresses of running a medical practice are noted below.

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Staffing – having enough staff is an issue for any business but even more so for doctors. Luckily Locum Insurance from companies such as MPRS is available to allow surgeries to enlist the help of locum doctors when their own regular GPs are off sick or on holiday. This could end up being very expensive if the insurance cover wasn’t available.

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Wait times – keeping wait times down to an acceptable level whilst also dealing with patients that turn up late or need a little more support during their appointments and so naturally drift over the time allocated is an age old problem for doctors and it is one that is difficult to overcome.

Accessibility – this has become more of an issue over recent years with some older doctors surgeries needing to move to bigger and more accessible locations. Many surgeries have been occupying the same space for years and years and as the population has grown and areas have also increased the need for increasing the size of the surgeries has also increased.