About CBD Gummy For Sleep And Anxiety


CBD gummies can be a tricky product to understand. Misinformation is abundant out there about how it works and what the benefits are going to be. This article will help you find some great CBD gummies from budpop.com that can help cure your insomnia without having to ingest any THC.

CBD Gummy Bears For Insomnia And Anxiety?

Insomnia and anxiety go hand in hand- they feed off each other, making both conditions worse. An inability to sleep exacerbates stress levels, which raises blood pressure and makes one even more anxious than they would have been otherwise, further exacerbating their insomnia. As many as 75% of those who suffer from regular bouts of insomnia also experience at least mild anxiety symptoms.

Why, then, should one go through a regiment of taking two different products every day- the anxiety medication and the sleep medication- when they could ingest CBD gummies for insomnia? There are dozens of benefits to taking CBD gummies for sleep over traditional forms of drugs. Some of these include:

Doesn’t have any THC in it. This means that there is no ‘high’ from this product, which will prevent you from being drowsy during the day. (Many people who take full extract cannabis oil as a medicine end up sleepy and incoherent by mid-afternoon.) It can be taken anytime, anywhere without making a mess or spilling oils everywhere. It will work faster than traditional sleep pills because it’s delivered by mouth into your bloodstream.

The trouble with ingesting cannabis is that it takes a lot longer for your body to process the cannabinoids out of your stomach and into your bloodstream than if you were to breathe them in or place them under your tongue. For instance, when you eat an infused edible, it could be as long as two hours before you even feel anything. Then, after about three hours have passed since you’ve ingested the edibles, they are finally starting to take effect- only now are your cannabinoid levels elevated enough for you to start getting drowsy and ready for bed. By this time, another hour has gone by, and it’s probably already time to get up and go to work.