Happy Engagement with Moissanite Rings


Moissanite, chemical name silicon carbide (SiC) is a stimulant. It is a stone that has the same appearance as a diamond but is not a real diamond.  This mineral occurs naturally and is extremely rare and minute in quantity. Because of its rarity maximum, Moissanite is grown in the lab. Moissanite takes two to three months to grow in the lab. Moissanite adapts itself to a variety of cuts and fancy shapes such as oval moissanite rings can be used for engagement purposes

Origin of Moissanite

Moissanite was discovered by the French chemist Henri Moissan in the year 1893. It was discovered 120 years ago while he was examining mineral samples from a meteor crater. At first, he identified the crystals as diamonds; later in 1904, he identified those crystals as silicon carbide. Then it was named “Moissanite” in his honor. Dr. Moissan spent his entire life trying to recreate it, but he never succeeded.

The eco-firendly nature of Moissanites

If you are looking for an alternative to diamonds moissanite is the best choice. Moissanite is grown in controlled environments, no mining is required. Moissanites have a smaller carbon footprint compared to gemstones, resulting in less environmental impact. Unlike diamonds, moissanite is very eco friendly. If you are planning on having your engagement soon oval moissanite rings are the best choice.

Popularity of moissanite

Though diamond rings rule the engagement rings the moissanite rings are gaining popularity as they are environment friendly. Moissanite is the strongest man-made gemstone after diamonds. All moissanite stones are available in the market making it a popular option for people with ethical concerns.

Barkev's Rose Gold Oval Moissanite Engagement Ring MOI-8189LP ...

Comparing between Moissanite and diamond

Few factors that differentiate moissanite from diamonds are being discussed here:

  • Durability: Moissanite rings are very suitable for everyday wear as a diamond ring whereas diamond rings are durable for everyday wear.
  • Brilliance and Fire: Compared to diamond moissanite has more brilliance and fire. As the rainbow light flashes on the moissanite gem, it creates a “disco-ball” effect. The bigger moissanite stones have a more noticeable “disco-ball” effect. The combination of reflection of light in three different ways gives diamonds to sparkle. Moissanite has higher fire which results in a higher refractive index.
  • Color: Moissanites are labeled as colorless while they can still project yellowish or grayish hue in certain lights. Because of this, some go through clarification to make them whiter. While diamonds have a natural body color that contains no traces of blue, yellow, or grey. This results in the dazzling, shiny white appearances.
  • Price: moissanite stones are lower in pricing than compared to the pricing of diamonds of the same sizes. Moissanites vary in prices based on their sizes. Labs created diamonds are more costly than natural diamonds. The same Lab-grown moissanite is more budget-friendly than mined diamonds.

Proper selection of moissanite

Diamonds are graded on 4C’s scale (Cut, Clarity, Color, carat) whereas moissanite is graded only on color. Different qualities of moissanite have a similar cut and clarity.  Premium and super-premium moissanite rings can be found at Brilliant Earth. Moissanite rings look attractive, featuring the diamond accent. Moissanite can be used as the min stone, or it can be added with other color stones.  Oval moissanite rings are set in diamond-accented three-stone settings. The higher refractive index gives moissanite beautiful color and clarity without looking fake, like diamond stimulants. Moissanite can be fake if they are larger.

Discussing the pros and cons of moissanite


  • Unable to find the difference between diamonds and moissanite

It becomes difficult to notice the difference between these two stones because of its optical clarity. Moissanite is a sustainable alternative when you shop for fine jewelry. It offers a fine brilliance at a cheap price, it is considerable.

  • Offers exceptional durability

It does not break easily or scratch easily for it has fine durability. The sparkle continues to shine even after cleaning. This is such a valuable alternative other than diamonds.

  • Moissanite has the same shapes and sizes as diamonds

Jewelry makers use the same sizes and shapes of moissanite as used for diamonds. The most popular shape is round cut as it offers the most shine. If you like showing off large stone moissanite can be a good choice.

  • Budget-friendly

The cost of moissanite is only 10% of what you pay for diamonds of similar shape and size. The price depends on its general sizes, design of the rings, and possible charms.

  • Variety of settings

Moissanite can be used in the same setting that you would use with diamonds. Moissanite is a versatile gemstone. They can be used as a pair of ear studs. They offer beauty in the setting of oval moissanite rings and wedding bands.  They create an elegant look in modern necklace designs.


  • Looks and composition

Look like diamond does not change the composition of the stone. Diamonds are the traditional gift to offer at weddings or similar special events. This means an alternative stone might not hold the same weight of representation as compared to the real thing. As anniversary bands are tokens of lovesome might prefer diamonds to celebrate their long-lasting love. This is the reason why some people might find it unworthy.

  • Color is not clear

Depending upon the quality moissanite can appear to have greenish or yellowish hue under some light. Diamond provides a white sparkle, which moissanite can provide.

  • Jewelers won’t work

It becomes difficult to reset a moissanite jewelry piece as some workers won’t work with synthetic stones. It is important to know if you have such jewelers in your area or not.

  • Comments

Some people might assume your moissanite stone is a diamond and make comments. They can make comments about the price and the size of your jewelry. As they both have enormous price difference some might leave you in an uncomfortable situation. It is better to say you spent so much fortune than to admit you have used alternative stones.

Lastly a few concluding words

Oval Moissanite rings are a great alternative option for those couples, where the priority is keeping the rings budget-friendly, simple yet gorgeous. The pros and cons will help you to decide whether you want lab-grown moissanite or diamond rings. However, don’t be fooled by fake moissanite. Never opt for a 6 Carat moissanite if you can afford a 5-carat diamond. When you are looking for ring options be sure to check out some moissanite choices, you might find it fancy.