Skills Needed for A1 Level English Test


In July 2010, it was announced by the Home Secretary of the UK, that anyone applying for a spousal visa or anyone wanting to stay in the UK should be able to speak basic English. By Basic English, they meant English that children at an age of 5-6 can understand and speak.  

The reason behind this announcement was that many people were migrating to the UK on spousal visas but most of them didn’t know how to speak proper English. That became quite an issue of the country and thus taking an English test was made mandatory. 

So, what skills does one need to have to clear this test? Well, these details are provided below. Hopefully, this would be of help to you. 

A1 Level English Test in Details:

Down below is the skill that is needed by one to for passing the A1 level of English tests.

  • The person should be able to greet others properly and along with that, they should also be able to introduce himself/herself. 
  • Should be able to briefly describe the place he is from with ease. 
  • This person should also be able to talk and describe his colleagues and people in his family. By describe, it is meant that he should be able to talk about his family in detail like appearance, personality, etc. 
  • They should also be able to talk about clothes and able to ask the sales executives or clerks questions about it.
  • Now, this person should also possess the quality of arranging a meeting with his friends and colleagues and also should be able to talk about his daily activities. 
  • For passing the A1 English Test, a person should also be able to describe the weather of a day and should also be able to arrange activities for that particular weather. 
  • He should also be able to describe the medical issues he is facing when he falls sick to the doctor. 
  • The person should have the capability to order takeout food and talk to others about food in general. 
  • Taking about the hobbies of that person and arranging or participating in certain activities with his friends and family. 
  • He should be able to provide simple directions to his house and also be able to describe the location of his residence with ease. 
  • The ability to purchase basic products and should also be able to discuss common products used by people. The person should also be able to return faulty products. 
  • He should be able to make basic transactions. For example, he should be able to check-in and check-out of hotels or motels. 

Well, these are some of the skills that a person needs to pass the A1 level English test. A student following 60 – 80 hours of instructions can easily reach the A1 English Test Level with ease. But then again it all depends on the type of the course and the certain student.  So make the necessary preparations to pass the test and to get approved to live in the UK. 


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