How To Write An Abstract


Writing a good abstract can be challenging, especially for inexperienced authors who only start their writing careers. At the same time, knowing how to compose a thorough abstract will help you present your paper in the best way. Today, we will explain what an abstract is, what types of abstracts are used, and, finally, how to make your abstract better.

What is an abstract?

Generally speaking, an abstract is a condensed version of a text. An abstract is aimed to sell your essay to the audience, therefore it should introduce the topic, demonstrate the problem you are going to solve, or the main question you are planning to answer.

Types of abstracts

There are two major types of abstracts you should distinguish: they can be descriptive or informative. A descriptive abstract simply describes the research in a short form without evaluating the results. An informative abstract goes beyond a brief description. This type of abstracts covers all the key statements and results.

How to write a good abstract

When you are composing an A-level abstract, be sure you bear in mind these simple tips:

  1. Provide some background info in your abstract. Write up to three introductory sentences at the very beginning to tell your readers about what is going on further. Your first words should describe the problem as well as introduce your thesis statement.
  2. Describe your methods briefly. Here, you should state the key approaches and methods used in your research. This section must explain how you have got your outcomes.
  3. Outline the most significant findings. The main reason why people read abstracts is to learn more about the outcomes. Therefore, the description of the results is the most crucial part of your abstract.
  4. The final sentences should deliver a comprehensive message of your essay. In this part, you should explain why your paper is worth reading.


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