Choosing An Expert Accountant is Easy Now: How?


To keep a managed accounting it is important to select the appropriate accounting professional, who has a strategic vision of the future and is orderly, but it is also necessary to make all the relevant documentation available to them, as well as the technological tools that facilitate their work and guarantee the accuracy of the registers. To choose the best professional for the works making use of the accounting interview questions and answers is important.

Here are some useful tips on how to keep an orderly accounting at all times:

Assemble documents by type. Order requires structure, so establishing categories of documents and then filing them, manually or electronically, will ensure that you always have the vouchers you need on hand and that none are left unaccounted for.

File the invoices issued in sequential order

Each invoice has a number and registering them in that order, whether they are valid or have been canceled, serves to have a better control of income.

Check that the information matches

Whether invoices or cash receipts, all records must match the money entered into the company’s accounts. Checking it periodically will help detect errors early and will facilitate tax filing at the end of each tax period.

  • Check balances in bank accounts to confirm deposits and make sure exits are justified. Likewise, keep track of the checks issued and the electronic transfers made.
  • Keep a timely record of all acquisitions and petty cash management to control expenses and carry out the applicable tax procedures.
  • Register debts in a timely manner and verify their payment on time.
  • Manage the company’s payroll and record payments for all remuneration concepts, as well as carry out the applicable tax withholdings on time.
  • Register in the accounting only invoices issued in the name of the company. A common mistake is wanting to include vouchers in the name of the owners, partners or employees, but this can lead to cumbersome and costly tax problems.
  • Duly safeguard the income and expense books so that only authorized persons can have access to them.

Reconcile the bank accounts on a monthly basis and verify the origin of the income and the destination of the expenses, both for the financial purposes of the company and to correctly estimate the taxes to be paid in each period.

The role of outsourcing

This accounting work is so specialized and important for the financial health of your business that it is essential that you have an accountant who keeps the accounts and documents in order and who foresees financial risks and provides solutions. If your company is small and cannot hire a regular accounting consultant, a good idea is to look for an “outsourcing “service that provides the same service externally. Simply follow the accounting questions asked in interview to choose the best accountant and be at ease with the taxes.