Things You Should And Should Never Store In Your Banker Safe


Have you ever watched adventure videos of homeowners prying open a safety deposit box they found in the old home they just bought? How about heist films where the protagonists are trying to crack the vault’s code using a stethoscope? Kudos to the safety deposit box manufacturer because they made it extremely challenging for homeowners and actors to open a safety deposit box in hopes of treasures and valuable secrets.

Keeping a safety deposit box at home is not uncommon. Many people, especially affluent families, look for avault supplierfor a durable and impossible to break safety deposit box and banker safe.

But what do people usually hide in the highly secured vaults they are not keen on exposing to others? These things could be valuable items, such as a stash of money and jewellery or something illicit, such as unregistered firearms and drugs.

5 Things You Should Keep In Your Safety Deposit Box

The way a safety deposit box supplier makes their vaults almost impossible to open makes them an ideal place to keep highly valuable items.

Here are the items that you can keep in a vault:

1. Sensitive documents

Housefires turn anything and everything into ashes, including the sensitive document you stored in an envelope in your closet.

It is advisable to keep your birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, adoption certificate, and permanent residency papers in the safety deposit box. Although the government can issue copies of these certificates, they will still cost you a fortune.

Moreover, to get a copy of a certificate, you may need multiple proofs of identification, which can also be your certificate of birth and other records.

Asafety deposit box manufacturer makes fire-proof vaults and safety deposit boxes. They keep all your documents intact whilst the fire engulfs its exterior.

2. Items with sentimental value

Storage services don’t allow clients to store their heirlooms and items with sentimental value in their units to protect them from damage.

What you can do is buy a durable vault from a safety deposit box manufacturerwhere you can keep your items with sentimental values, such as letters, diaries, pictures, and newspaper clippings.

These things are protected from fire, water, and termites that munch paper for breakfast.

3. Jewellery

Gold necklaces, bedazzled brooch, and rings with stones are considered valuable jewellery. Some even have values appreciating.

Instead of keeping them in an ordinary jewellery box where any snoopy hands can take them effortlessly, you should find a durable vault from a reputable vault supplier.

These vaults are highly secure. It cannot be pried open easily using a hammer, chisel, and circular saw. The only way to open the vault effortlessly is by encoding the correct number combination.

4. Titles and records

Other important documents you must keep in a safety deposit box are titles and records.

Firstly, property titles and other records, such as property tax returns and deeds, are extremely crucial, especially if you plan to sell your house or lot.

You have to undergo court proceedings to get an original copy of these records, so you might as well keep them safe using a secured banker safe.

Secondly, renovation papers and records are also essential when selling your property. Property improvements increase their value, and there is no other way to prove the renovation than to show the proof of costs and records.

Lastly, people only need car titles when they are selling the vehicle. It is hard to sell a car without a title as clients doubt them as stolen cars. Although you can get a replacement copy of the car title, it would likely be a tedious process.

So you might as well keep all these documents in your secure vault made by a reputablesafety deposit box supplier.

5. Financial documents

Financial papers are also one of the most important documents you should protect.

Financial documents include certificates of deposits, bonds, signed bank cheques, and stocks. A person cannot withdraw their money or sell stocks without these proofs and papers.

These financial documents are also hot in the eyes of burglars. Make sure to secure them in abanker safe.

Now that you know the things you should keep in a safety deposit box, it is time to identify what items you should not store in the vault.


5 Things You Should Never Keep In Your Safety Deposit Box

If there are things that you can keep in a safety deposit box, there are also things that you should not.

Avoid hiding the following items in your vault:

1. Cash

Cash should always be accessible. It is very inconvenient if you don’t have money in hand, and the only way to have them is to unlock your vault.

Instead of storing them in a vault from your safety deposit box supplier, deposit them in your bank account that you can access online and offline.

2. Spare keys

Never keep the spare keys to your home in the deposit box, which is also inside your house! The hiding place for your spare key should be accessible but not too noticeable. It allows you to access your home effortlessly during an emergency.

3. Passport

If you travel overseas a lot, it is essential to keep your passport within your reach. It would be difficult to get your hand in your passport during emergency travels if you put them in a vault from a safety deposit box manufacturer.

4. Original copy of your will

If you are the sole owner of your safety deposit box or the only person who knows the code, never put the original copy of your will inside a vault.

It will be inaccessible once you are dead. It is better to hand the original copy to your attorney.

5. Illicit items

It is illegal to keep illicit items like illegal drugs, unregistered firearms, and explosives in a safety deposit box. You may face legal charges if you do so.


The main goal of your banker safeis to protect your valuable assets; hence they are almost indestructible. There are situations where it is inconvenient to store certain valuable items in them. The key is to determine which items to lock and which ones should not.

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