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Husharu, a movie, becomes all time favorite to the Engineering students, but why?  There are many reasons behind the question.  The movie concept itself is familiar with the lifestyle of B.Tech students.  Husharu is made with the storyline of a group of friends and their emotions in different stages, which content is attracted to the youngsters.

The lifestyle of the friends in the movie was correlated with the lifestyle of B.Tech students in real life.  The movie came in the last month of 2018 and it touched the hearts of B.Tech students mainly.  The elements in the movie are nostalgic to every student in their life.

Even though it is not a new concept in latest Telugu movies, the way the director mould the story is quite interesting.  We can say that, movie is something different from the latest Telugu movies. The aha movies brought Husharu in their OTT now.  It’s an opportunity to watch the youngsters on Aha movies, because the movie will give them a wonderful experience.  Let’s check about the movie now.


Arya (TejasKancherla), Chaitanya alias Chai (AbhinavMedishetti), Bunty (TejKurapati), Dhruv (Dinesh Tej) have been school friends since childhood.  They live a life of emphasis on enjoyment over education.  Leading a life of drinking beer without any purpose in life, living only for friendship.

Arya falls in love with her schoolmate (DeekshaNagarkar).  Chai gets close to Riya (PriyaVadlamani) whom he loves at first sight at the party.  Riya leaves Chai to the US for a reason while life is going through.  It turns out that Chai has been mentally depressed and also diagnosed affected with cancer.  Arya gets into some trouble in love and he chooses to make Beer for income as the needs increase financially.

Why did Riya leave Chai? How did they raise the Rs. 30 lakhs required for Chaitanya Cancer Treatment?  What is the role of Rahul Ramakrishna (Raju Bollam) in this story?  are the rest of the story.

Artistes’ Performances:

TejasKancherla, TejKurapati, Dinesh Tej and AbhinavMadishetti are the four heroes who bring to this story.  These four did full justice to the roles they were given.  Tejas Serious Attitude is impressive.  Abhinav impressed with his emotional acting.  The Abhinav episode turned out to be a plus in the second half.  The scenes in TejKurapati and Dinesh Tej combination will turn into a feeling good in a story that goes on seriously.


Harsha does not seem to be a new director anywhere while we observe the story written and the way followed the narration.  The way he blended different elements and characters in the story, should appreciate him.

Harsha’s talent is the reason behind the natural appearance of four guys and three girls on screen.  He succeeded in running the subplots while leading the main story successfully.  He utilized all the actors and technicians properly as per the need for the movie.  Photography, music are main assets to the movie.


Screenplay and Direction are the main highlights to the movie.  The performance of lead actors, PriyaVadlamudi’s glamour, cinematography and music are the assets to the movie.

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Cast and crew:

Cast: TejasKancherla, TejKurapati, Dinesh Tej, AbhinavMedishetti, Daksha

Screenplay & Direction: Sri HarshaKonuganti


Cinematography:Raju Thota

Producer:BekkemVenugopal, Riyaj


Husharu is the feel-good youthful entertainer with a new story line. A must watchable Tollywood movie.

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