Alternative ways to wear a suit


A good suit is an investment in your wardrobe. You should pay slightly more for a suit that fits you well so that it lasts a long time and looks the best it can. A tailored suit would be your best bet; alternatively, if you can’t get one made for you, choose one off the hanger and have it altered to fit. If you are paying for a good-quality suit, you need versatility, so choose something that is a darker colour and will go with more.

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According to fashion magazine WWD, the suit has returned to the catwalks.

Given the money you would spend on a good suit, you want to be able to get wear out of it. Instead of the traditional shirt and tie, here are some alternative ways to wear a suit.

Go uber-casual

Wear your suit with a pair of cool trainers and a T-shirt; however, don’t just choose any old trainers and T-shirt. You will want clean, white trainers and a good-quality, plain white or coloured, fitted, cotton T-shirt from a stockist such as

Add a touch of James Bond

Team your suit with a smooth polo or roll-neck jumper. In the cooler months, a fine-knit polo neck jumper will not only add warmth but also give you a sense of style akin to 007.

Head over to the dark side

Team a black suit with an equally dark shirt and tie – perhaps from the range of Farah shirts – and add a pair of black dress shoes to complete the look. An all-black suit, shirt and tie combination offers a stylish look that shouts sharp sophistication.

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Split ‘em up

Wear your suit jacket with a pair of fitted jeans, shirt and dress shoes for a smart-casual look; alternatively, wear the suit trousers with a casual jacket, such as a bomber jacket or leather jacket. To maintain the smart element of smart-casual, keep the shirt and tie when choosing a more relaxed jacket option.

Suited and booted

Team your suit with boots. As previously mentioned, dress shoes do not have to be the only footwear option when wearing your suit. A pair of leather Chelsea boots will give you an alternative modish look that helps you to stand out from the crowd.

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