Where to hide your Christmas gifts


Christmas is almost upon us again and that means family fun, delicious food and gifts! Lots and lots of presents. For your kids, it’s probably the most important part-and that is why it hiding a Christmas gift bought at a Christmas gifts market dallas, tx from the prying eyes of the young is not easy as it sounds. So, where do you hide your kids Christmas gifts? Try some of these places and keep your gift a secret until Santa arrives.

In the Loft or Basement

You know your wardrobe tops the list for your kids of the best place to look for Christmas gifts. You can avoid this location with little effort, though: get them off the scent by choosing to head upstairs to the loft, downstairs to the basement, or even out to the garage. No matter what or who you’re hiding for, be sure to place gifts in plain boxes or the box for something dull like a blender, for example!

In a Suitcase

Suitcases make ideal storage in every season, but they are also useful to hide presents. Should you have spare luggage available, make it useful this festive period. A great big suitcase will be good for hiding larger items and a hard-shell case can be used for delicate gifts.

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Having a wardrobe spacious enough can make it easy to disguise and hide gifts, especially if you have different compartments, drawers and shelving. Treat yourself to Hampshire Fitted Wardrobes at a site like lamco-design.co.uk/fitted-wardrobes/

Underwear drawer

If your kids are like most, there are some places that they are not going to check. For many, this place is off-limits, including the laundry basket and the places where you store your smalls! This is a great place to hide money and other small Christmas gifts, and children will be none the wiser.

In your child’s bedroom

This is certainly a creative way to hide the gifts and might feel too risky, however curious children tend to have a few go-to places where they look for the hidden Christmas gifts each year and these won’t include anywhere in their own room. Catch them off guard by concealing gifts carefully camouflaged under beds or in their closets. Try to refrain from asking them to clean their room just before Christmas, and they will never know how close they were to their present!

In your boot

Sneaky family members are more likely to go looking for a gift when you leave the house. So why not take a gift with you? Rather than packing them in tote bags, hide gifts in your luggage so that you can take them with you when you leave. Be sure to put a blanket over your goodies to stop sneaky eyes showing too much interest.

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In the Laundry

Your cleaning supplies cupboard is a place that most children will easily ignore. Consider putting your gifts in a clean garbage bag and hiding things in the bottom of the laundry basket or cleaning cupboard.