Tips to Wear a Pearl Pendant – An Insight


A simple and elegant pearl pendant compliments your classic look. In this article, you will learn how to accessorize a delicate pendant necklace with your outfit. While wearing it, you need to ensure that the shape of pendant matches with your neckline.

Choose the perfect fit

A round pendant will look ideal with a round neckline. If you own a longer sharp pendant, it will compliment a deep neckline. You need to understand a rule that your pendant should touch the skin. This is the preliminary requirement before choosing your pearl pendant necklace.

Besides wearing the single pearl necklace on a special occasion, you can also style it for a casual outing or dinner. It can also work like your everyday accessory. All of us have grey, white or at least black basic tee in our wardrobe. They do wonders on the softer colors of pearls.

A simple and decent pearl pendant can transform your basics and make you look much stylish and cooler. Many of us have this misconception that pearls will make you look old. However, this is definitely not the case if you know how to style the outfit well.

Layering a pearl pendant is a tricky task but if done well it could add wonders to your look. You need to ensure that you choose right necklaces to layer together. Wearing layered jewelry successfully will show you as a jewelry expert.

How to layer it

While layering it, make sure that you choose a short pearl pendant. Further, you need to choose an opera length necklace in same metal as chain in pearls. You could add a statement by adding a different pearl or pendant in the longest necklace of the layer. To start with you can experiment with three necklaces. Once you are more comfortable with the look, you can add variations.

The best thing about pearl pendant is that it offers great versatility to the entire look. Many women pair pearl pendants with other pearl earrings. You can also go for a minimalist look to look more decent and choose a simple pair of earrings.

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