What Goes Through the Mind of a Hoarder?


Do you happen to know someone who loves to hoard things? That someone could be close to you, a relative, a friend or a colleague. The first thing that you could think of if you see a hoarder and their surroundings is to help clear things up. But the problem is that most hoarders refuse help and some end up getting mad at the people who only have the best intentions. Do you ever wonder why hoarders find it extremely difficult to get rid of their things? What is stopping them from making drastic changes in their lives? Here are some things that you need to know about what is going on inside the mind of a hoarder.

They have trouble making decisions

One of the reasons why hoarders end up accumulating more stuff than others is because their brain is having challenges deciding whether to keep or discard their belongings. Most hoarders feel emotional when they think about letting go of whatever stuff they have collected. A hoarder can suffer from extreme anxiety once someone attempts to clean up their area without their approval. So before hiring professional cleaning services the hoarder must undergo a series of counseling sessions from a psychologist or psychiatrist for guidance.

They have a hard time focusing on their day-to-day tasks

Normal individuals have more organized thoughts as compared to those who hoard. Living in an environment that is full of clutter can lead to other psychological issues. There is a big chance that a hoarder may have difficulties focusing on their daily tasks because clutter can be very distracting. If a person lacks focus, they would not be able to accomplish their duties that can have a major effect on their life, relationships, and career. Being able to focus is the key to every person’s success.

They think that everything has a purpose

One of the reasons why hoarders love to collect various things is because they think that everything will come handy in the future. The most common items that people hoard are empty containers and old reading material. Also, some of them like to keep clothes, bags, and shoes that they no longer use. Hoarders are often confused about whether to keep things or throw them away. Most of them are so attached to their clutter that letting go creates so much pain. This is why they avoid addressing the situation.

They want to change but do not know how to start

Some hoarders are very much aware of their situation. They acknowledge their issues but they do not know where to start. Most hoarders are overwhelmed by the mess that they created for themselves but they cannot take the first steps because they are scared of being judged by other people. A professional decluttering expert can step in and give sound advice to a person who is struggling with their mess.

Lastly, if you want to help hoarders change their lives, offer a lot of moral support because they need it.