French Bulldog Is An Amazing Pet Dog


The French Bulldogs have a low center of gravity, wide-body, heavy bone structure, muscular built, and a large square head. These lapdogs are entertaining companions with a curious expression. Some of the Bulldogs way less than 25lbs, although the average weight of the dogs is around 28 LBS. They can grow to a size in between 11 inches to 13 inches. They have a short coma easy to maintain coat that does not shed much. They have a lifespan of 9 to 11 years. They are found in colors brindle, cream, fawn, and white. There are other varieties too.

History of Frenchie

In the 19th century, the bulldog was popular in England. The French women were particularly attracted to this little dog especially those with erect ears. The dog dealers breed more of the little dogs and it soon became the thrill of Paris. The French breeders consistently produce these terms and so it came to be known as French bulldog.

Features of French bulldog

Most of the Frenchie dog is best known for its unique features –

  • Big bat ears
  • Friendly lapdog
  • Heat intolerant
  • Clown like behavior

French bulldogs are great entertaining and friendly

The French bulldogs are a great entertaining and friendly lapdog. They enjoy playing with their family members. They are fond of attention and they want to cuddle and snooze with their favorite person in the house. They enjoy the company of the children and also with other pets in the house. They are very friendly and they easily get along with the members of the family.


It is important to take care of your French bulldog. They need minimal exercise. They enjoy the outdoors but they should not exercise in hot and humid weather. A short walk is sufficient for them to meet their physical needs. Since they have a tendency to gain weight easily, it is necessary for them to do a little bit of physical exercise. They require minimum coat care since it does not shed. It is necessary for their owners to maintain an ideal body condition for the dog.


They should feed their best-suited food to the lab dogs. It is important for the owners to take care of Frenchie on a regular basis. The wrinkles on their face should be cleaned regularly. They are prone to having infections quite often so it is necessary to keep them clean and tidy.