How To Remove Hair Without Visiting The Parlour


Nearly every woman has body hair. Our body hair keeps us enough warm and helps us maintain good hygiene. Then what is the issue? Getting rid of those fuzzy body hair. Whether you wish to deal with your armpits, legs, hands, bikini line, or facial hair, read on to know the best hair removal methods that can help do hair removal at home


Without any doubt, razors are quite handy to use for body hair removal for women. They are simple and not very expensive to use and are ideal for those emergency and last-minute hair removal needs. You can easily use them on any part of your body, even on your pubic hair. For some, razors are the best available hair remover. But there are a few downsides to them as well. Razor rash, more spiky hair, and ingrown hairs can leave you embarrassed and frustrated at times. 


Another popular option for hair removal among women is hair removal cream. It is something that nearly all of us experiment with at least once in our lives. Hair creams for women offer a very affordable and quick way to remove unwanted hair from any body part. You need to apply the cream evenly on the area from where you want to remove hair and then remove it with a spatula. Once you do it, rinse the whole area. Hair removal creams are certainly not a quick fix for your hair removal needs, but it can get smoother results as compared to shaving. 


It can be one of the most painful and costly hair removal options out there. But it is worth the money you spend. Waxing can pull your hair from their roots, offering you flawless results that will last for a longer time from a month or two depending on your hair growth. As far as the pain is considered, it is bearable. The only downside with waxing is that it is a time-taking and expensive process. 


It is one of the highly recommended areas. It is not a shaving instrument. Epilating refers to pulling one hair strand at a time with a handy handheld device. This device is decently priced, and it is available in many brands. Though the procedure is painful, once your hair is pulled properly, they have a slower regrowth rate, and you will be hairless for 2-3 weeks. 

Wax Strips 

Wax strips are the latest product in the hair removal world. These strips come with wax already applied on the strips. So, you need to paste them on the skin and pull in your hair growth direction. And magic, your hair is gone with very little pain. 

If you are looking for ways to remove your hair without vesting the parlour in this pandemic period, try any of the above-mentioned methods, and you are sure to get quick, great results.