Learn More About the Effects of Marijuana to the Brain at A Houston Rehab   


Marijuana is the dried leaves and flowers of the cannabis plant which are transformed to form a drug that affects the brain either in long term or short term.

Abusing marijuana may affect the brain in ways such as: 

  • Attention

Marijuana when over consumed will affect the person in such a way that they lose their attention when concentrating on some tasks which can lead to accidents if the affected person is using machines of high sensitivity.

  • Memory Loss

When one is consuming marijuana the affected personnel may find him or her self-forgetting about plans and things that were planned upon by the other members.

This may lead to the person being of less help to the group.

  • Hallucinations

The person who is using marijuana may find himself imagining things that cannot happen or one can imagine of the impossibilities being possible. 

  • Involving In Fights. 

Using of marijuana makes people have the courage of fighting others and even not thinking about the results of their actions which makes people get injured and other even die from the bruises of their opponents.

  • Depression in Some People.

Marijuana makes ones mood to get elevated and also it makes others mood to be lowered hence loss of interest in activities and some get over interested in performing other activities hence gives that condition to the brain.

  • Judgement.

It is a brain character that helps one to judge other people and their intention towards particular subjects. Marijuana may cause the affected person to misjudge ones actions and intentions hence leading to people being hostile to others. Misjudgment of one’s action may also lead to one conflicting with the other individual hence can lead to a fight.

  • Aggression.

Marijuana over consumption may cause the person to feel over angered by certain actions or behaviors of their opponents. This may lead to hostile and violent behavior, readiness to attack the neighbor which will adversely cause the neighbor to get hurt. 

  • Helps To Relief Pain 

Under certain prescriptions marijuana can be used to help relief and reduce the pain. Though there are many disadvantages of marijuana drugs, science has researched and concluded that marijuana can be used to relief and reduce pain to the injured persons hence an advantage.

  • Increased Appetite.

Marijuana causes the effect of increased appetite to food stuff. This therefore makes the affected person to ingest a lot of food.

Other effects of marijuana to the brain are:

  1. May lead to a person being mad.
  2. Over consumption may lead to one being unconscious etc.

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