Psilocybin, a Breakthrough Therapy for Depression?


In 2019, the FDA offered relief to over 17 million Americans living with different levels of depression. They did this by granting the breakthrough therapy status to Psilocybin, which helped speed up research and approval of the medicine. This breakthrough therapeutic drug, Psilocybin, which is obtained from magic mushrooms, helps stimulate the brain in treating various types of mental illnesses. Depressed patients taking Psilocybin are more aware of themselves and that is the goal of the psychedelic retreats offered in the vicinity of Amsterdam.

Before the approval of this medicine, many depressed patients found out that they were resistant to most antidepressant medications. This information left many in shock because it left little or no options for them to treat their mental disorder. It also meant these antidepressant-resistant patients must learn to live with the symptoms of their depression for as long as they live. The breakthrough of Psilocybin into the market helped change everything. Studies showed that one dose of Psilocybin can have a long-lasting effect on mentally ill patients. This single dose can cure different symptoms of depression, leaving the patient in good shape.

The Impact Of Psilocybin On The Brain

The brain is the gearbox that controls every function in the body. It contains your movements, thoughts, and emotions. That’s to say, when the brain is sick, your life gradually begins to lose every sense of purpose and responsibility. For people struggling with depression, their brain tends to be sick due to low brain cell activity. This means their brain cells are struggling to communicate with each other to form a network that will lead to a healthy and productive life. The miscommunication or lack of communication among brain cells leads to increased anxiety, sadness, regrets, and, in severe cases, suicidal thoughts.
To help solve this challenge of brain cell communication that leads to depression, a dose of Psilocybin is introduced to simulate brain activities. What Psilocybin does is that it creates a new path and network for brain cells to communicate. This makes it easier for patients with psychiatric disorders to make decisions and changes their overall perception of life. Studies from different clinical trials also show that psychoactive agents in psilocybin help break circuits within the brain that keep depressed patients in a repeated loop. Circuits like this make them never get over past trauma. Neuroimaging, a process that maps out neurons in the brain, shows that Psilocybin helps in forming a new bridge between two regions of the brain. The bridges are created to increase the emotional stability of people struggling with depression.

Health Benefits Of Psilocybin 

Apart from the treatment of depression, Psilocybin has other benefits to human health. One of such benefits is that it helps in the treatment of different forms of addiction. This therapeutic drug can be used to treat alcohol and cocaine addictions. It can also be used in the treatment of cluster headaches and obsessive-compulsive disorders.

Bottom Line

With further research and FDA approvals, Psilocybin can be used in the treatment of all types of depression. It can also be effective in the treatment of other mental illnesses affecting the global population.