What certifications should the best commercial concrete contractor in Olathe, KS, Have?


When handling a versatile material like concrete, you should only rely on skilled professionals. This is why selecting the right concrete contractor is essential.

One of the easiest ways to determine the authenticity of any professional service is their government-authorized licenses and permits.

Fortunately, many regulations and certifications were put on the commercial concrete contractor in Olathe, KS.

Below are some widely considered credentials to help you choose the most skilled contractors for your project.

American Concrete Institute (ACI) Certifications

When searching for a commercial concrete contractor in Olathe, KS, you must ensure that they are authorized by the American Concrete Institute (ACI). A certification from this non-profit organization ensures that the contractor complies with all the consensus-based standards.

The ACI offers nearly 30 types of certification programs, like the following types:

Concrete flatwork finisher

A professional craftsman has to prove their skills through a hands-on performance test to avail this certification. This test will include their ability to finish, edge, consolidate, and protect the concrete flatwork.

Concrete flatwork associate

This certification is proof that the commercial concrete contractor has a well-established knowledge of the proper procedures regarding concrete flatwork. Unlike the flatwork finisher certification, this program is conducted via a written examination.

Advanced concrete flatwork finisher

The advanced certification requires the contractor to demonstrate his theoretical and practical knowledge and skills regarding concrete flatwork. This includes all the areas mentioned above, like:

  • Jointing
  • Placing equipment
  • Floor flatness and levelness
  • Planning for the slab-on-ground placement
  • Finishing
  • Tools and equipment

All the technical requirements for the concrete flatwork associate, finisher, and advanced finisher is mentioned in the job task analysis (JTA).

Commercial building and development permits

The commercial concrete contractor in Olathe, KS, also needs to comply with the permits and regulations of Johnson County, Kansas. This is applicable for commercial and residential projects on lands in unincorporated areas.

Whether you are a buyer or a property seller on these lands, you need to first consult with the County Planning Office. They can tell you if the property meets the minimum standards.

The permits include the following:

  • Entrance permit: Any work on the private property entrances must be done within the Johnson County road allowances. You may need an entrance permit to install a new driveway or replace or remove it.
  • Land disturbance: In Olathe and other areas of Johnson County, properties require Erosion and Sediment Controls for all land-disturbing activities. This includes logging, excavating, filling, grubbing the lands, etc.
  • Utility permit: Commercial contractors also need to obtain a utility permit. This will cover a road crossing permit, fees for inspection and road cuts, etc.
  • Transport large structures: Commercial constructions may require the transport of large structures. In Olathe, and Johnson County, Kansas, contractors need a permit for this.

A good commercial concrete contractor in Kansas will know about all these regulations and tell you before the project.

Class A General Contractor License

According to Johnson County Kansas regulations, the commercial contractors should be licensed under the Contractor Licensing Program. This program has monitored all construction contractor licenses for more than a decade to protect public welfare.

Therefore, a trusted commercial contractor in Olathe should hold a class A general contractor license. When you choose a licensed company like this, it can provide all full-time employees for the complete repair and remodeling of a structure.

But you need to remember that the license does not include plumbing, electrical work, HVAC companies, and fire protection services.


Finding a concrete contractor can be tricky, but you can easily do it with the right approach. You know all the certifications and permits a commercial concrete contractor needs to work in Olathe and Johnson County. This will make your task a lot easier in choosing the right professional.

Ensure to refer to these qualifications whenever you need to hire a professional concrete contractor.