How to Prepare Your Home Before Installing a New Carpet?


After you are done with your flooring, the next thing to consider is about installing a new carpet for your floor. If you want to hire a tradie near your area then it will be a good idea to search for them on Bleen, where you will find all kinds of services properly categorized.

You can make an appointment with the tradie to discuss with him how to prepare your home so that his team can smoothly and quickly install the carpet. In this article, we will discuss all the necessary preparation work that you must do before the arrival of any carpet company that you can select from the FlooringDomain website.

1.    Make sure that rooms are airy

Any flooring company can do the project better if the room is quite airy and comfortable for his crew to do the entire work. You may either keep your doors and windows open to increase the airflow or run the air conditioners.

2.    Remove all furniture

Your room floor should be empty before the arrival of the carpet installers so that they can start their work immediately. If your furniture is too heavy and need support then you must inform them in advance, so that they can bring necessary equipment.

3.    Remove all decoration items

Also, remove all the decoration items particularly those items that are fragile and delicate. During the work, lots of dust will be generated and hence it is better to keep all your decoration items in a safe place.

4.    Remove your old carpet

If you already had an old carpet then you must make arrangements to get it removed. If needed, you can also seek help from any one of the local floor covering companies to get your old carpet removed.

5.    Make a path

How to Prepare Your Home Before the New Carpet Installation? - house of  hrvst

You need to ensure that all the crew who will be working in the room must have free access for their easy movement during the installation work in progress. If anything is blocking their movement must be removed.

6.    Protect all nearby items

If there are any expensive items nearby e.g. a piano or any music system then it is necessary to cover them properly to avoid dust and any damage due to the movement of people.

7.    Make your plan for the day

During the installation work, you must be present there as they may have many questions to ask during the installation. So, you must make yourself free and make a plan for all your regular work.

8.    Also, plan after installation

After the installation work is completed you need to check all your doors are opening properly. You also need to put back your furniture and other items that you had removed from the room.

9.    Think ahead

Your carpet installer will also provide you plenty of dos and don’ts after the carpet installation and hence you need to plan how you are going to implement all those. You must also think ahead about how will you clean and maintain your carpet.

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