Tourist Attractions at Ciater


If you decide to go to the Ciater area, Subang, then you can pick a suitable tourist location from the numerous places that Ciater has and the surrounding regions.

Possibly the most famous in Ciater is its hot spring. However, there are a whole lot of attractions for tourist which aren’t less attractive just like curug tours, and even historical museums. Here is a selection of attractions that you could consider:

  1. Ciater Hot Spring Tourism Object

Ciater’s name has “radiating water.” Originally this location was in the shape of a forest, but in 1960 it turned out into a village. Facilities from the Ciater Hot Spring are bungalows, playgrounds, prayer rooms, and parking areas. The entrance ticket price is IDR 22,000, then IDR 80,000 to go into the primary pool, and to enter the quite simple bath is IDR 20,000-55,000.

  1. Ciater Highland Resort

This location is located on Jalan Raya Ciater KM 21, Ciater, Subang. Frequently this place is said to be in Lembang because it’s close together. Facilities got when visiting here are karaoke, swimming pool, Guest House, café and restaurant, fishing, jogging track, camping outside out, and far more. Ticket costs are IDR 10,000/person with working hours from 08.00-17.00.

  1. Cirewang Beach, LegonKulon

This beach is quite distinctive, to reach the main beach location, visitors have to take a ship and pass the mangrove river first with a speed of IDR 15,000 for cruising. This beach may be found Pamanukan, in Pangarengan, Subang. For its facilities, it seems standard. Nonetheless, the experience of driving a ship through mangroves is the principal attraction of this attraction for tourist.

  1. CurugCibareubeuy

CurugCibareubeuy can be the best choice to fill your vacation. Suitable for all those from Bandung and Subang, or from outside the city. This place is currently in Nagrak, Ciater, Subang Regency. Providing facilities in the shape of paths followed by directions, parking areas, prayer rooms, stalls, public toilets as well as lodging. The ticket price is IDR 7,500/person.

  1. WismaKarya Building

The WismaKarya Building witnesses the history of the trip to liberty. This building initially belonged to a Dutch Coffee retailer named Petter Willem Hofland. The museum has complete comforts and collections, although, for museum dimension, this area is relatively small such as the PW Hofland bronze statue, historical tradition, fossils along with some other groups. Situated in Karanganyar, Subang.

  1. Tea Museum

This tradition becomes an attraction for tourist, which will yield you another tourist experience. Here you’ll be encouraged to recognize the history and development of blossoms. The museum, located in Capunagara, Cisalak, Subang Regency, has centers in the shape of a gradual process of processing tea leaves. Also, there’s a café on the front of the factory, public toilets, in addition to a parking space.

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