Tips If You’d Like to Go toBunaken Island


Underwater photographers should stay at SeaGarden Resort, or among the neighboring hotels in the east coast of Bunaken Island. You are going to be capable of creating several amazing underwater shots without the requirement of a comprehensive dive. The fantastic thing is that during snorkeling you have ample time for the perfect shot. Kahl owns a dive shop at SeaGarden, he’s an incredibly relaxed guy, and we had plenty of excellent dives with him during our stay.

From the northern parts of Bunaken Island, you can find sea snakes in the shallow water. If you are lucky, you will see clear skies throughout the night, with countless shiny stars. Be looking for fireflies because there are numerous Berembang trees around the island. Fireflies often are observed near those trees. There are not any stores at Bunaken Island. All resorts give three meals daily. If you happen to get hungry between meals, then you can walk into Bunaken Village to buy a few snacks at the tiny stores.

In Manado, you may even stop by a grocery shop before going out to Bunaken Island. Strong breeze occasionally moves clutter and garbage from Manado into the Bunaken Marine Park. Often sailors complain the marine park is indeed cluttered. When the wind blows at the direction of this island, it is much worse compared to winds which blow into another direction. It is an issue inhabitants of those islands cannot fix that quickly. Often, hotels in Bunaken Island are booked throughout July and August since this is the peak season from the sea park. Make sure you make reservations beforehand to reduce disappointment. You can find quite a couple of very lovely resorts located on Bunaken Island. Even though there are just several 5-star hotels, nearly all of them are between 4 and three stars. Prices sometimes are somewhat inflated, which means you might still pay the 5-star cost for a 3-star place. Resorts at Bunaken Island is small and generally just include a few rooms/cabins. Air conditioning is not standard. Just a few hotels have a swimming pool, completely pointless in our view. It’s a great idea to make reservations beforehand, as we experienced lots of fully booked stations in the low period while we tried booking two weeks beforehand in case of simple job you cover. Space costs are often in case of simple job you cover a space. Most hotels operate their dive school and provide reduction.

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