Top Turkey Breeds You Can Find On USA Farms


Turkeys are native to America, and so you will be astonished to find such beautiful rare turkey breeds across this country. Even if you are actively farming turkey breeds, how many can you name that are found in this country? There are many varieties of turkeys dominating the farms of the USA that are highly profitable for meat. They look pretty different and even offer some of the best meat varieties in the market.

Intrigued to know about these breeds? Here is some information about the best turkey breeds that inhabit the farms of this incredible country:

Broad Breasted White

The first one on this list of turkey breeds is the Broad Breasted White, also the domesticated one. It is pretty standard and intentionally developed for producing substantial thigh and breast meat. It has white feathers that can avoid discoloration under the skin. Being the most common one in the market, it is also a popular choice for its meat quality.

Royal Palm

Docile and attractive, this variety of turkeys is not pretty common. Farmers don’t breed them for rapid growth, and they seem to stand out in the crowd for their white feathers edged in black. These are on the smaller side, and many people often consider them for ornamental purposes. They generally weigh from 10-to 20 pounds and make a good meal for an average family.


Black turkey is known for its black plumage. These feathers are shiny and metallic and sometimes even have a green gloss that you can easily spot when the sun rays hit them at the right place. They descend from the wild turkeys that the Spanish explorers brought to this country in the 1500s. These are a common variety that you can even find in some European countries.

Standard Bronze

According to some farmers, the Standard Bronze ones are splendid and pretty imposing. These claims might be true as these are the largest heritage turkey breeds. Even before they fully mature, they weigh around 25 pounds. These are grown from a genetic cross between the domesticated turkeys from Europe and the wild turkeys. These also offer some of the best variety of turkey meat in the market.

Bourbon Reds

When you foresee the traditional Thanksgiving turkey illustration, which beautiful rare turkey breeds come to your mind? The exotic-looking red ones with the whitetail feathers are the classic examples that define the entire event of Thanksgiving.

It is the most popular heritage turkey breed known fully for its mouthwatering, tend flavorsome meat variety. You can trace their origination to Kentucky, and they can weigh around 12-23 pounds.

White Holland

White Holland turkeys come from Holland. There are no points in guessing that these are the mix of original white European birds and the native ones. These are pretty large. They weigh around 20-30 pounds. Although these were pretty common in the 1800s for their meat quality, now they are on the threatened species list.

The List Goes On

Well, the list doesn’t end here. Other than these, you can also find several other turkey breeds in America. These include Narragansett, Midget White, Blue Slate Turkeys, etc. If you are farming any of these breeds, which one do you prefer for your agricultural business? Among these turkey breeds, which one happens to be your ultimate choice for meat quality and breeding purposes?