The Best Flat Screen TV Mounting Brackets


The best way to watch flat screen TV is through wall mount or popularly known as TV mounting brackets. There are a few ways of placing your TV in the room, but most people prefer to hang them on the wall. In order to effectively and appropriately hang the TV on the wall, you need to consider a few things along with the size, design and type of wall mount. Get the best tv wall mount at

All majority of wall mounts suit various types of flat panel TVs like LED, LCD screen, OLED etc. However, the first thing you need to consider is its type that will suit your room. This is important because you will find plenty of types all or maximum look typically made for your room.

The fixed TV wall mount is the preliminary type of TV wall mount which normally serves the purpose in many households. The fixed TV wall mount is commonly considered as the flat or low-profile wall mount normally placed very nearer to the wall. This type of wall mount does not leave space between the TV and the wall except for cables to pass behind the TV. If you have the HDMI cables in your TV and the ports are on the side of the TV, then it is not a problem. But if the ports are at the rear of the TV, then you will have to purchase right-angled HDMI adapters or cables because you may not have enough space in case of a fixed TV wall mount. The fixed TV wall mount requires good sized wall area, and you need to fix the TV at the right place with right height and right view position. Some fixed TV wall mounts but not all, have the options of sliding from side to side.

The tilting TV wall mounts are somewhat like the low-profile wall bracket but with the option of tilting up and down while hanging on the wall.

The articulating TV wall mounts give more options and flexibilities on changing the screen positions. The movements can be from up to down, side to side, and you can even pull out for the wall and move up and down. The articulating TV wall mounts provide you options to place them anywhere on the wall. You can even place them at a corner and then set it through the various movement options.

The Cheetah APDAM3B articulating TV wall mounts are fixed like the standard wall mount brackets but have folded extension arms. They further allow the screen pulled out and turn right or left and tilt down or up.