Explore Ho Chi Minh Town for Its Spectacular Energy and Nightlife


Ho Chi Minh or Saigon is densely populated city of Vietnam. The city is named after the politician and revolutionary, Ho Chi Minh. He first served as the Prime Minister and then the President of North Vietnam. Today, the city is recognized for its historic monuments which include French buildings. With emphasizes on museums, art galleries, gardens, music and theatre, beaches, the city has a lot many options for tourists to enjoy. 

Saigon city also boasts of very good restaurants that provide Vietnamese cuisine. Thus, it isn’t only architectural tour, but food tour is equally promoted. It helps you to explore and understand delicious food items and drinks which are exclusively famous in Ho Chi Minh. There are special packages for Food Tours Ho Chi Minh which takes you to streets and markets, where you can taste different kinds of dishes. 

Apart from that here are some more things that you can explore in Ho Chi Minh –

  • You can get the cheapest beer here compared to all other beers around the world. 
  • Whether it is a top-class restaurant or a street vendor. Ho Chi Minh cuisine gives you an authentic feeling. 
  • The city has coffee shop every 50 feet. Therefore, it is a must to sip the world-renowned coffee of Vietnam. 
  • The city has made a drastic progress and is known for its several skyscrapers, buildings, restaurants, parks etc. 
  • Rooftop bars are meant to enjoy the nightlife and lights of the city. If just one beer isn’t enough, then try a rooftop bar. 
  • Bui Vien is the famous street which is covered with neon lights, music, action and travellers stopping by. It is basically a place for those who have sleepless nights. 
  • Ben Thanh, Tan Dinh, China Town and Vo Duy Ninh are few best local markets where you can buy spices, textiles, etc. 

No matter how developed the city is, it is still an economical city where food, lodging and beer are quite affordable. The moment you enter the city, you can get party vibes that changes your mood automatically.

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