Should you consider the type of van you buy?


I am thinking of purchasing a van, are the leaf springs easy to replace?

These days there are many different types of vans on the market, compared to many years ago we are often spoiled for choice.

Mercedes, Ford, Nissan, Toyota, Fiat, Vauxhall, Peugeot, Mitsubishi, Volkswagen are all well known van makers in recent years.

Sadly as with any vehicle over time, they will need general maintenance to keep them working effectively and safely to keep them on the roads and make the roadworthy. One of the common issues especially with vans with high mileage is that they may need new leaf springs.

When you are thinking of buying a van either new or used, It is always worth doing thorough research to ensure the vehicle you are thinking of purchasing is one where buying replacement parts is not going to cause you any issues in the future.

Most people nowadays will read reviews regarding a vehicle before making a purchase, after all buying a van these days is not cheap! It is also worth noting some vehicles may have a history of things that go wrong for example the bodywork, parts or issues with the engine. Some brands you often see more of them on the road, this might sometimes give you a good indicator this vehicle may have less issues.

Because many of the brands mentioned above are mass produced these days, they will often have vehicle makers who are aware that as with most things, not every vehicle will last forever.

For this reason they will also supply replacement parts, one of the parts which is incredibly important is Leaf Springs after all they are one of the main components, to make your suspension and journey as smooth as possible. They also help to support the weight the vehicle may be carrying, if you are thinking of purchasing a van our best advice is make sure parts are not in short supply. After all no one wants to be caught short, do your due diligence prior to buying a van!