Necessary Tips for Tourist During Shopping At Tanah Abang Jakarta


Pasar Tanah Abang is the largest fabric shopping center in Jakarta.  It is made up of Blok A that was opened in 2005. You can find any fabric you prefer. It is ranging from material for kids, adult style panties, batik, bags, shoes, unique upscale boutiques, and a great deal more at a friendly rate. With over 13,000 kiosks and 75,000 shoppers per day, Pasar Tanah Abang is your most significant fabric and garment center in Southeast Asia.

Pasar Tanah Abang is so big once you pay a stop by to this marketplace at the moment, you might get lost. Thus, it’s encouraged to make a manual’ (mainly if they are local) who’s comfortable with all the cheap-goods-battlefield’ such as Pasar Tanah Abang. But if you have a brave soul and want to test shopping in this market with No guide, here are some tips that you can follow.

Wear Comfy Clothes

Exploring the kiosks Though Pasar Tanah Abang is air-conditioned and floors might leave you sweaty and exhausted. Jeans, cotton shirts, and shoes or sandals are recommended to be worn during your shopping in Tanah Abang.

Bring A Money Cash

As it will be tricky to locate an ATM at Pasar Tanah Abang. Put your money in different locations. Some on your wallet, some inside your bags for security, or in pouches in your laundry.

Arrive Early In The Morning

Arrive before 9 am since the marketplace is still silent, and the vendors will provide you reduced cost because they consider you as “penglaris”. You can find this opportunity to purchase several things, and the price will be even lower!

Weekdays Is The Best Time

Pick the best timing to Visit Pasar Tanah Abang. If you would like to avoid the crowds, it’ll be better for those who go to the marketplace about the weekdays. Weekend, vacations, or the days before Lebaran would be when you should avoid this marketplace, as it is too busy because lots of people (not only from Jakarta) come into the market.

Demand With The Logic Price

If you would like to haggle with the seller, be sure to want to get the item and love. The cost might not be high, and therefore you want to need your logic price, considering that Pasar Tanah Abang is the center. Then if you haggle you cancel to buy the product, the seller is going to be upset.

Planning Before Buying

Plan what you would like to purchase. That way, you don’t have to waste your time finding what you need to buy when you arrive in the manufacturers. Pasar Tanah Abang is so big you will spend some time researching kiosks and each flooring, one by one.

Extra Discount For Bulk Purchase

Tanah Abang is known as a wholesale center. Therefore, if you purchase many things at once, it is recommended. Most vendors in Pasar Tanah Abang can provide you with an attractive discount if you buy minimal of three things, from the heaps (12 objects), or scores (20 items). It’ll be tough to find the cheapest cost if you need to purchase a single product.

Leave Your Kids Home

Don’t bring kids along with you anymore. The marketplace could be hectic and crowded, and children wouldn’t like this.

Beware To The Pickpockets

Always be aware of pickpockets. Don’t wear many accessories (mainly if it’s golden), an expensive watch, or clothes that are screaming “I am wealthy and bring an enormous sum of money in my bag”. Wear your bag in a way you’ve got complete control of your backpack. Should you bring a backpack. If you choose to carry a purse, you want to hold it carefully, not to invite pickpockets.

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