To add that extra “Ahh!” factor, decorate your yard with wholesale plastic nursery pots of colorful flowers and interesting plants. “Potting up” is not only a quick way to add color and cheer to your yard, but it is also a relatively simple way to create a spectacular garden in a short amount of time. Potted gardens are more temporary than traditional, in-ground garden plants, but they also allow for seasonal changes and are portable. You also don’t have to turn or amend the soil; simply fill your pots with good potting soil containing a slow-release fertilizer and then easily insert your plants. When the fertilizer’s lifespan is up—usually three to four months—time to switch out your plants for the next season, and you can use the same soil and slow-release fertilizer.

Keep in mind that the plants you choose for your containers must have similar moisture and light requirements. For example, don’t mix shade plants with plants that need a lot of sunlight, or drought-tolerant plants with plants that need moist soil. Planting in containers makes gardening so much easier, and look how far they can travel! Gardening in pots allows you to garden in areas that would otherwise be inaccessible and to grow plants that you would not normally include in your garden. Potted plants can help you make better use of your limited space or break up large, empty areas in your yard.

You can continue to propagate plants in pots that you want to grow but are afraid to let loose in your yard. You can grow exotic and unusual plants in pots that may not thrive in your yard but can be given the extra care they require. Potted plants can enhance any home’s architecture, whether formal or informal, casual or stately. For a more formal home, architectural evergreen plants such as bay, box, or other evergreens that can be clipped and shaped are appropriate. In this case, the pot itself, as well as the plant it holds, is significant and becomes a feature. Use fewer wholesale plastic nursery pots and let each potted plant stand out architecturally.

Small homes, country homes, and cottages are polar opposites—here, vivacity reigns supreme; let the plants overpower the architecture. Dozens of pots filled with vibrant flowers of various colors will enliven and welcome visitors. Use tropical and subtropical plants like angel’s trumpets, bougainvilleas, and lilies, as well as bright, even garish, cottage-style flowers. Plants are an excellent way to soften hard corners and add a stylish accent to steps. Plants placed along the sides of steps aid in guiding visitors—but not on the side with the handrail. Almost anything goes in a sunny location. Ferns and other shade-loving plants look great on shaded steps.

This could be the best spot in your yard for potted plants. A sitting area, such as a porch, patio, or garden bench, allows you to relax and enjoy the outdoors in a comfortable setting decorated with potted plants. Place scented plants and plants you like near these areas so you can enjoy them when you’re relaxing. At the start of the season, many gardeners get spring fever and rush to the nearest plant nursery or retail center to stock up on impulse purchases. Don’t be alarmed! The solution is to get wholesale plastic nursery pots in bulk. Simply go shopping to your heart’s content, then return home and cook up a storm!