Making Sports Writing More Entertaining


Anyone who has a passion for sports will know that they are anything but boring. There’s always a new game taking place, an exhilarating win, a rising star – it’s not hard to see why so many people have such a deep love with their game of choice.

When it comes to sports writing, which is usually sports reporting or opinion pieces, it can be difficult to adequately convey just how exciting the latest game was. Fortunately, there are some methods and techniques that a writer can employ to make their writing more exciting.

Keep It Simple

There are a lot of people out there that believe good writing is all about using long and fancy words, but anyone with experience in writing can attest to the fact that simple and to the point is a key to engaging an audience. People don’t want to have to sit and read through paragraphs of barely understandable words, especially after a long day at the office.

Instead, focus on making everything concise and simple, and it will be much easier to draw the audience in while also maintaining their attention.

Relate To Non-Sports Fans

Being able to engage an audience that’s not particularly interested in sports is a great skill to develop as a writer. It means that your work is interesting to everyone, not just those that have a passion for the particular sport that you are writing about.

One of the ways to do this is by centring the story around an exciting part of the game in question. The entire article doesn’t necessarily only have to focus on this specific part of the game – after all, your primary audience is still with sports fans – but using the excitement at the beginning or within the title of the piece is a powerful way of drawing people in.

Add Interesting Titbits

If you’ve got the audience already, there’s nothing wrong with adding some facts to make things a bit more interesting. You might dabble in a bit of friendly betting with friends and add your opinion on the latest picks in the piece that you are writing.

You don’t have to be a professional sports bettor to have some idea of who might find success in the next game, but just make it clear to the audience that your opinion is just that: an opinion. Much the same way as live casino online games are often all based on chance, anything can happen on the sports field or racetrack.

Mimic The Greats

Some writers just have a certain way about them. Maybe it’s how they describe the events of a game; maybe it’s the kind of humour that they use.

Whatever the case may be, if it draws in a large number of passionate sports fans, it might be worth finding a way to incorporate that style into your own. It doesn’t have to be a mirror of the other writer’s work, but rather use their work as inspiration to improve your own writing and offer a better experience for readers.