Getting Involved in the Growing World of Esports Entertainment


One of the fastest growing forms of entertainment online is certainly finding its way to esports as both viewer and player numbers continue to increase – the past few years in particular have seen many of the big games go from a smaller niche to a household name, and it seems there’s no stopping the path the esports train is on. The good news is that there are so many ways you can get involved, either as a player, or a viewer – so what are the best ways to explore the entertaining world of esports?

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Tuning in to streams – Unlike traditional sporting alternatives, one of the biggest benefits found in esports is certainly within the free options for livestreaming games – all of the big events and all of the star players actively stream on platforms like Twitch and provide countless hours of entertainment – whether you’re just looking for something to chill out to, or if you’re looking to pick up pointers from the best, streams are the best way to do so. One unique thing here is also that you’re given an opportunity to directly communicate with the top players through chat, something very unique to esports still.

Try the games for yourself – Whilst the smaller games will still have a cost attached to them, many of the bigger titles are now all free-to-play and give you an opportunity to simply download them and play. Some do require a somewhat decent system to play comfortably, but all are free to access all the same. Trying the game for yourself has a lot of benefits outside of just being a little more involved in the game too – things like esports betting at have certainly become much more popular and trying the game out for yourself can give a little more insight to the niche and lesser-known aspects of the game.

Attend the biggest events – Although not quite a possibility at the moment due to the pandemic, once things do return to normal it won’t be long until esports returns to the big stadiums – if you’re more into big live events, then the big arenas that esports tournaments sell out will definitely be for you. There are typically multiple big events per year so a few choices to get your spot in the crowd, and with events taking place all over the world with only a few mainstays in the industry, it’ll be a matter of waiting rather than luck for an event to come to a location near you.

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