Learn About Different Kinds of Pearl Overtones


Pearl overtone is a confusing jargon for some. It is important to understand the overtones associated with different variety of pearls to choose one that complements your skin type.

White pearl overtones


Common overtones you will encounter in white pearls are cream, silver and rose.  These three nuances are same for white freshwater and saltwater pearls but the intensity differs from one to another.

  • Cream or ivory undertone complements instead of contrasting red and pink. They warm the deep complexion and sparkle nicely.
  • Silver undertones are cool and contrasts dark hair and olive complexion. The pearls visually appear larger, whiter and brighter.
  • Rose undertone is warm and looks great on women with fair complexion. Pearls embedded in yellow gold increases the sparkle.

The pearl necklaces with primary color cream and rose, blue or green as secondary tint are most valuable.

Black pearl overtones


Primary body colors of cultured Tahitian pearls are not actual black but range from dove grey and pale silver to extremely dark charcoal grey. Secondary undertones are literally rainbow colors. The most popular is the blue green, silver/steel and peacock. Other exotic hues available are eggplant purple, pistachio, sky blue, chocolate, etc.

  • Peacock is a combination of rose, gold, and green that shimmer on ladies with dark grey or light body color
  • Blue green looks great on women with pale complexion and dark hair
  • Silver/steel look brighter and larger on fair skin and blondes

A black pearl closer to dark blackish side possesses high value. Peacock green overtone holds top grade and multi colored undertones follow in terms of value.

Gold pearl overtones


Primary color of gold ranges from pale 10K gold to deep 24K hues. Deep and intense golden shades are extremely valuable than pale colors. The secondary tints are subtle including rose, champagne, green/bronze, silver, and neutral gold.

  • Neutral golden goes well with any kind of complexion
  • Rose boosts the sparkle and fair or pale skinned women can wear it easily
  • Green/bronze undertones are cool on very dark complexion
  • Champagne hue are ideal for light brunettes and blondes

When pearls get graded their surface color and overtones are considered simultaneously. All the pearls don’t have overtones. Moreover, it differs greatly in the ones that have.

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