Common mistakes that guys make at men’s clubs


For every fan of strip clubs or Melbourne men’s club it is important to learn and understand the rules as well as the etiquette of these establishments. If you do this, you will always have a great time at these men’s clubs. To avoid having a bad experience avoid the boner- killing mistakes that could end up getting you bad customer service.

  1. Bringing a girlfriend who doesn’t want to see naked women to a strip joint

There are a lot of guys who wish they could take their girlfriends to a strip club some girls might come along because they are curious, others just don’t like strip joints. You can tell when a girl has been convinced to come to a strip club: she is aloof, avoids eye contact defensively cross her arms on her chance. Sometimes a strip club is a terrible date for everyone. Don’t do it. It’s sad and it will ruin your own experience. 

  1. Not knowing what the rules are 

If you are going to a men’s club in Melbourne for the first time find someone who can tell you what the rules are. If you know what it is that you can do or not do, you will avoid confusion or being thrown out of the club. For instance most clubs have a strict “no touching” rule you can look but you can’t touch, even during a lap dance. However, some clubs don’t. Take a few minutes to observe other patrons to get a sense of what is acceptable and what isn’t. The golden rule is always to be respectful to the girls and the other patrons that are in the establishment with you. You should also remember to tip the performers.

  1. Not saying no

It’s nice that you want to be the sweet guy, the one that all the girls come to but the thing is strippers have to entice you to part with as much money as they can. If you are the sweet guy who can’t say no or who feels he has to keep making excuses to get them off. If you are not careful, you may end up falling for private dances that you didn’t come for. It’s okay to go to a strip club just for a drink. Learn to say “No”; the girls won’t feel hurt offended or rejected. 

  1. Not asking for prices

It is important not to accept things like lap dances and VIP service without first discussing the prices. There are some girls who will offer a lap dance without first discussing what the price is. When the lap dance is over they come up with wild, inflated prices and people often pay up because they are afraid the bouncers would harm them. Avoid this by discussing the price if whatever you agree to. 

If you follow these simple advice, it will improve the chances of you enjoying your time at any strip or gentlemen’s club without loosing your self-respect or losing your money.