Is Couples Therapy Effective


In some relationships, the intervention of a specialist is necessary to help the couple overcome difficulties, but to what extent is this type of therapy effective?

Relationships as a couple, sometimes, can be affected by multiple factors: character differences, lack of understanding, problems in coexistence, discussions, crisis and even the arrival of children. It is then that the intervention of a marriage counselling Sussex to help the couple to overcome this type of difficulties and facilitate communication and understanding among its members, but, to what extent can this type of therapy be effective?

According to numerous statistics, at least 75% of couples who have resorted to such therapy have seen many of their differences resolved and even improved their coexistence significantly. The important thing is to resort to it just at the moment when the first difficulties begin to emerge, in order not to generate more complicated conflicts derived from the initial problems.

Therapy Procedure And Duration

The couples therapy can have a highly variable duration that will depend, to a large extent, on the number of problems and their importance, as well as the capacity that the members of the couple have to solve them. Generally, these therapies usually consist of individual and joint interviews, the duration of which does not usually exceed an hour and a half.

The main change that is intended to be achieved lies in the behaviour, which is learned through practical exercises that will help the couple to solve their difficulties and see the problems from another point of view. The communication and the ability of assimilation and reflection are essential to start getting positive results. The collaboration both in the consultation of the therapist and later at home, with the completion of the recommended exercises, will facilitate the achievement of objectives.

One of the problems that can arise is the negativity of a member of the couple to the fact of undergoing this type of therapy. In these cases, only one member may attend the therapy and, although there are usually fewer cases, it has been shown that very positive results can be obtained.