Electric Cars – Environmentally friendly


Oil prices and dependency on oil and gas have cost our lives millions and millions. Because of this, its believed that in the next 10-15 years electric cars will explode in popularity, and finally put the oil-guzzling car of the 20th century into its grave.

There are some cool factors of electric cars:

No Engine – Who needs a heavy and huge clunky engine?

New technologies are being developed right now for Mini QED, which basically turns each wheel into an electric motor. They’re much more compact and if one fails there are 3 others that just keep on going. The space saved can now be used to store batteries. The new Mini QED is an HEV (Hybrid Electric Vehicle) and is said to have a range of 900 miles. Seems like how electric cars market is growing same like casino roo and online casino gaming market.

Reliability – They are reliable and environmentally friendly

Electric cars are not only efficient they’re reliable and environmentally friendly. Did you know that Solar Taxi has driven around the world powered by just the sun’s energy? Total distance covered: 53,451km.

Great On The Wallet and eco friendly

Although initially, they will be higher priced, maintenance and fuel costs will save you money in the long run. Cost per mile varies on many factors but it can be as low as 3.4c per mile, this will improve over time as electricity gets cheaper and more advanced technology develops. Check with your local government for tax breaks on electric cars.

E6 Electric Car

Solar Roof – Solar Energy for a green world

Solar panels are constantly improving in efficiency and the the surface of your car translates to lots of free power from the sun. The Prius has already been modified to fit a solar roof extending its range and making driving even cheaper.

They are Quiet – No noise pollution

Imagine walking in downtown a major city and not hearing car engines. Without creating any noise pollution and safe to our ears.

No infrastructure needed

Any PEV (Plug-in Electric Vehicle ) can be plugged right into your home’s power outlet. The money that would be spent on the hydrogen infrastructure should be used to upgrade our crumbling energy grid to prepare us for an all-electric car society.

Solar Windshields

Scientists are also working on solar panels that are transparent, this has many applications and car windows would be one of them. Here you can also continue reading for casino games on casinosnz.io

Solar Paint

Just like transparent solar panels, there is work being done on paint that will generate electricity. This effectively will make the entire surface of the car a power station, without hopefully needing to refuel ever.