4 Safety Considerations Before You Rent An Apartment In Singapore


People prioritise space and cost when looking for an apartment for rent in Singapore. But did you know that more than those things, people should pay special attention to the security and safety of the apartment complex and the neighbourhood?

Here are some safety and security considerations before you rent an apartment in Singapore.

  1. Crime rate

Before choosing a serviced residence in Singapore, make sure the neighbourhood it belongs to is safe. You can check the crime rate. A town with a low crime rate is a good option. Is there security roaming around at night? Are there CCTVs on the streets? Security personnel and CCTVs can deter criminals from doing unlawful things in the neighbourhood.

  1. Lighting

It is dangerous to walk on the poorly lit streets at night. As much as possible, choose a neighbourhood that is well-lit, from the streets and alleys to the parking lot and waste management areas. An Orchard serviced apartment has no problem with lighting problems.

  1. Security system

After the neighbourhood, the next step is to check the security system of your apartment complex. A highly secured apartment complex has security guards that ensure the compound’s safety. The building has CCTV cameras as well for enhanced security. Expect the secure service apartment Singapore price to be high since they invest in safety and security.

  1. Emergency exits and fire safety

Safety is not always about crimes. House and building fires are threats to your safety as well. Ensure that your apartment complex adheres to the fire code. Do they have accessible fire exits? Do they have fire alarms and sprinklers installed in the building? Are fire extinguishers always available and accessible? Never be complacent with your safety when choosing an Orchard serviced apartment.

Keep these safety and security considerations before you rent an apartment in Singapore.

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