Portacool Air Cooler is a means of cooling the atmosphere so as to make it comfortable to be in. It is an evaporative cooler, in a nutshell, it operates on the principle of moisturizing air. The cooler is filled with water, the water is moderately sprayed onto a pad where a fan blows air from the opposite direction to force the water and air out. This mixture of air and water comes out into the hot atmosphere and evaporates, in the process of evaporation heat is used thereby reducing the heat in the environment. It leaves a similar feeling to that of when you come out of a swimming pull and air blows on you, the coolness you feel due to the evaporation of the water on your body is what happens to the atmosphere, or when the sweat on you dried by air.

A Portacool Air Cooler comes in various sizes and can be used in various places. Its performance is based on its size and area of coverage. Evaporative coolers come in a variety of sizes and are power efficient as they generally consume a small amount of power. You have a health challenge such as asthma, an evaporative cooler is the best option to work with as it will moisturize your atmosphere taking away the dryness in the air. It is advisable you go for an air cooler as an asthmatic person. Also, it is best for outdoor events where the temperature. You want to go camping in hot weather or go partying outdoors on a sunny day get an air cooler to enjoy a cool time by yourself or your friends and family. It works well in workshops also, flight hangers, ad so on, any open-air events. It also works fine indoors, to keep your home cool with less power consumption, the air cooler is the best choice.

Installing a Portacool Air Cooler is simple, it does not require much expertise or knowledge like its other counterparts. You simply plug it into a power outlet and turn it on. But you have to fill its tank intermittently with water to keep the air moisturized. Evaporative coolers are mobile, you can move them to any point best to you at any time. They are also portable and light in weight for mobility. The maintenance of an evaporative cooler is less expensive, less stressful.