Why is Air Conditioning So Important for Hotels in London?


It is a well-known fact that air conditioning needs to be a standard feature in most of the hotel rooms across the globe. This is applicable even for countries which have a cooler climate such as the UK. However, Hamilton air conditioning has discovered that in a lot of instances guests have complained about the lack of , or even poor maintenance of air conditioning in London based hotels, which ends up having a negative impact on the popular review sites online.

According to websites like Trip Advisor, 62% of the travellers across the globe said that air conditioning in London Is a must-have when looking at Hotels. In fact, it is more of a deal-breaker than unavailable breakfast.

Hamilton air conditioning has worked with hotels across the UK providing air-conditioning maintenance in London, along with design and installation as well. Thus we are trying to educate hotels on how simple things, such as regular¬†air conditioning repair London, can be a decisive factor against positive or negative impact. Hence, you need to take affirmative action about your online reputation before you realise it’s too late.

It is surprising that so many hotels lack, when it comes to providing good air conditioning as a basic service to the guests. The major complaints regarding poor air conditioning in hotels are due to a lack of air-conditioning maintenance to London, which means that the systems do not perform efficiently. Shockingly in a lot of cases, the company and has simply ignored or a fan is provided as an alternative. And of course in such instances, the negative feedback is much well-deserved.

Air-conditioning maintenance in London is not that difficult provided you keep on performing preventative maintenance schemes that companies like Hamilton air conditioning provide. The service involves the air conditioning system being regularly serviced, cleaned and check for leaks.

Large air conditioning systems that are found in hotels, need to be regularly leak tested so that the release of harmful ozone-depleting gases can be prevented. If your air conditioning system is performing poorly it could be a sign of leakage and needs to be rectified immediately. In fact, if a hotel does not address the problem immediately it could receive significant penalty fines.

Some of the complaints associated with poor hotel air conditioning in London include under effective air-conditioning wherein the temperature is really difficult to control and can get frustrating. This, however, could also be a sign that the air conditioning system has a leak which, to be honest, is illegal. Any air conditioning system which has a suspected leak needs to be serviced immediately.

A lot of hotels receive such reviews, and they generally tackle the problem by installing a new and efficient air conditioning System throughout its films. This, of course, is a good sign which means that the hotels are listening to their customers. In fact, a lot of hotels get glowing reviews for having good air conditioning in place hence proving the point of how important air conditioning in London is.

From our research at Hamilton air conditioning, we found out that a lot of the hotels that ignored the negative feedback, did it so, simply because it is not possible to install air conditioning and the fact that they would not find air conditioning repair in London. Your hotel can still meet these needs, as for all of the commercial properties Hamilton air conditioning has been dealing its services to meet the needs of individual businesses.

The fact of the matter is that, a lot of air conditioning services come with payment plans as well as competitive warranty periods, which offers 24/7 customer services, hence, if you choose Hamilton air conditioning there’s really no excuse for hotels not giving their guests the basic access to good air conditioning in London.

For any service industry maintaining a good reputation, is extremely important. When a customer pays premium charges for staying in a hotel, the least he expects, is to have access too basic amenities that are standard across the globe. Air conditioning in London hence is a basic service requirement that customers expect out of the hotel. Hamilton air conditioning has services that ensure that the air conditioning system for hotels remain FGas Compliant and also up to date with TM44 assessment, which are the standard legal obligations that every business with an air conditioning system needs to fulfil. The emergency 24/7 call-out service that Hamilton air conditioning provides gives receptionists as well as the facility managers a central point of contact which is ready at all times to address any issues with air-conditioning repair in London.

There are factors like having to open windows for airflow too impractical in a city like London especially in city locations, where most hotels are situated. There are consistently high noise levels throughout the day night. Another factor is that bad odours and noisy units can be a problem air-conditioning maintenance is not done properly. All these problems if not addressed swiftly leave a bad impression on the guests hence we know why air conditioning is so important for hotels in London.

If you would like assistance regarding any sort of air conditioning maintenance London you can reach out to us today, Hamilton Air Conditioning has the solution to all your air conditioning woes and can help you in attaining and maintaining the positive reviews and response, in terms of service always.