Poker: Betting Limits


The amount agreed by the players used as a standard during the raise or open is called the limits of the bet. All poker games have minimum and maximum bets for which the lowest and highest denominations of the bets are made. In today’s online poker sites like situs poker online, betting limits are also being implemented. And as a guide for these circumstances, compiled below are some rundowns of the four common forms of betting limits.

No limit

A game that is played with a betting structure of no limit allows the players to raise the bet to any amount. The players of this game could all include their entire stake or, in other words, go all-in at any betting period. However, minimum opening bets generally exist and the raises are usually lesser than the amount of the previous player’s raise.

Pot limit

In a game with a pot-limit structure, no player is allowed to raise more than the total amount of the pot. However, this does not preclude that the player couldn’t raise less than the maximum limit as long as the total amount of the raise is greater than or equal to the previous raise or bet.

Referred to as potting or rising the pot, making the maximum raise can be announced by a player through the declaration of the pot or raise the pot. Moreover, only this type of game allows the dealer to tell the players the total size of the pot and the total amount of the raise of the pot. The same individual is also required to push any certain amount over the agreed maximum raise back to the player offending. It could be harrowing to keep track of those numbers especially if the action intensifies.

Fixed limit

A fixed limit game allows a player to choose only whether to make a bet or not. For the protection and possibility of bluffing, in general, the agreed amount doubles at some period of the game for which is called a big set. Some games like this have implemented rules that are specified for some situations to allow a player to choose between a big set or a small set. As an example, in a situation of seven-card stud high, a player who has a face-up pair during the second round will allow the group to choose a big bet or a small bet.

Spread limit

In games with a spread limit structure, players are allowed to raise any amount as long as it is within the specified range. For the multi-round games, these limits typically become larger during the later rounds. In playing spread limit games, players are recommended to have some care and avoid giving clues and easily tell about their choice of bets. For instance, players who recently started playing poker give themselves out by betting low on less than strong hands and betting high on greater ones. This is the reason why some poker sites like situs poker online use this type of betting system because having chitchats with other players would be less than easy.