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Makassar’s Authentic Culinary


As a long time haven city and situated near some of the deepest seas in the Indonesian archipelago, Makassar is a place to fill your tummy with a wealth of seafood. Form scrumptious chili crabs to barbecued fish, steamed prawns and all kinds of seafood, all freshly caught at sea. These are found in many places in Makassar, the hottest being at and near PantaiLosari, or the Losari Beach. Here is the plaza by the seashore where in the evenings you may find hawkers selling a range of traditional foods which are no less delicious.

Here are some authentic Makassar dishes you need to try.

1 | Surya Super Crab

This restaurant serves new crab that is absolutely crap-tastic! Try its’KepitingSaos Padang’ (Padang flavored crab) with a few Mantao bread. Simply divine!

2 | RatuGurih

This eatery is one of the best restaurants in Makassar that serves fresh grilled or fried seafood. It has an assortment of seafood dishes from fish, clams, prawns, squids to crabs. It also has typical Sulawesi dishes like the spicy Rica-Rica Chicken.

3 | LaeLae

This is another seafood restaurant that’s famed for serving fresh fish. You just come, pick the live fish that you want, and the workers of the restaurant will grill it for you. The fish will be served with assorted condiments along with a steaming bowl of white jasmine rice.

4 | Coto Makassar/ CotoMangkasara

A restaurant that serves among the best Coto Makassar dishes is Coto Makassar Nusantara situated on Jalan Nusantara right in the front of this Makassar port.

5 | Sop Saudara

This can be beef soup served with rice Locals usually eat it with a plate of rice and broiled milkfish. The aroma of this hearty bowl of soup alone will make your mouth water and your stomach rumble.

6 | Konro

This is also among the most popular dishes to come in South Sulawesi and always a favorite for all Meat lovers. KonroBakar, or broiled ribs, is served in two ways, either as a soup or just grilled with, undoubtedly, a plate of rice and condiments for your liking.

1 place that serves some of the GunungLompobattang no. 41, Makassar 90115, Indonesia.

7 | Special Banana Dessert

This is a famous Makassar specialty. Near ripe bananas have been grilled and flattened then coated in a rich sauce of sugar mixed in many different sauces which include durians or jackfruit juice, and eventually topped with a wholesome sprinkling of cholate and cheese. The best are found at food stalls and hawkers at PantaiLosari.

8 | Barongko

Barongko is a type of steamed Banana dessert or snack made of sago (rice flour), coconut milk and palm sugar, amongst others, and steamed in banana leaves. In the past, this dessert has been served only to kings and queens of yore and was regarded as a royal treat. Today, it is possible to buy these at supermarkets, bakeries or traditional markets around Makassar.