KeepBooster app for Android


More the dependence on a device that has become indispensable because of the super service it provides to all of its users, the more it got to be looked after. Sure, everyone by now has guessed what this device is. Yes, none other than what has become one of the worlds most used device, A Smartphone. It is of paramount importance that proper attention to its working mechanism is paid to avoid maintenance repairs or in the worst a total breakdown. This will be a drain on one’s finances. Put a stop to this risk, with the KeepBooster -Cleaner & Antivirus Smart App. Here’s a brief description on some of this excellent smart app’s advance features that will keep its users’ smartphones hunky dory all the way.

About KeepBooster APK

RAM in the smartphone needs to be maintained clear of unused apps in the background. These apps will be deactivated by the KeepBooster’s Phone Booster Feature. Also, will intelligently analyse the background running apps and rearrange them as per there usage frequency. With one tap on the Phone Booster button will do all this, making the smartphone run at acceptable speeds. Will also free up space in the RAM.

Junk as we all know causes many problems. It could block free flow of things and cause adversity to any process. The same principle will apply to a smartphone. But junk will be no problem to Keep Booster. With its Junk Cleaner all redundant, residual files and corrupt files, lying in idle after installing various apps to the smartphone will be removed. Junk Cleaner will run its scanner regularly to detect junk and cleaned them out. All these actions will contribute to maintain storage capacity to the maximum. Safety Scan feature in the smart app will be running real time to spy and detect any potential threats from viruses and other such threats in general.

The Battery Saver function of Keep Booster will make sure to prolong the battery power to the max. As smartphone users, we all know how frustrating it is when the battery is low. Battery Saver Function will effectively tackle all issues connected to the drain of battery and take action to extend the battery power. A smartphone’s working mechanism can be compared to a factory with machines.

There will be heat generated. Overheating will cause major problems that could seriously harm the good working order of the smartphone. And KeepBooster’s Temperature Monitor will engage itself on the most crucial areas to prevent overheating and maintain the optimal temperature.In going through what this KeepBooster: Cleaner & Antivirus Smart App does to a smartphone with its super maintenance functions, one need not blink twice in acknowledging the fact that this super master cleaner and maintenance smart app will keep smartphones in prim and proper running order 24/7. Bid farewell once and forever to all of the worries thinking if the smartphone has been taken good care of. If Keep Booster:Cleaner & Antivirus Smart App doesn’t, who’ll?

There are many booster applications like Clean Master, AVG Cleaner, NOX Cleaner and etc. You will see many of those popular boosters on play store. Original Clean master app does not available on play store for having many features in one app. You can use third-party Android app stores like AC Market to download and install latest version of Clean Master apk. AC Market is a free Android apk store.