How Do I Choose A Concreter? 


You have decided that it is time to spruce up your home or business. Concrete is a versatile material that can be used in many different aspects of building, landscaping, and/or renovation. 

Before signing your name on a contract, it is important to make sure that you select the best concreter for your project.  

Continue reading for ideas on how to choose a concreter.  

Detail your Expectations 

Your first step to select a contractor is to determine the scope of your project.  

  • Are you adding a stamped concrete patio and/or an area around your pool?  
  • Do you want polished concrete kitchen countertops? 
  • Does the contractor need to remove your cracked garage floor and pour a new floor?  

Knowing the type and scope of your project will help you find a concreter who has experience and expertise in this field.

 A professional concreter can take your ideas and offer suggestions that will enhance the job and/or stay within your budget.  

Perform an Online Search 

Now, you should use the internet and search for concrete contractors near you. Jot down the names of the results from your search. 

The next step is to narrow down this list. Go to the websites of each of the contractors. You want to note their areas of expertise. 

You may find that some of the contractors on your list focus on large construction projects. Others may have more experience with kitchen projects.  

List the top options for you.  

Ask Friends, Family, and Neighbors 

Many neighborhoods and towns have social media pages. On these sites, you can post questions or ask for guidance. 

Often, contractors will respond. Also ask people that you know for recommendations. 

They can share insight on what went great with their projects, and family, friends, and neighbors can also offer suggestions on what they would have done differently.  

Obtain Written Quotes 

It is now time to contact your top three options. As part of connecting with your potential concreter, you want them to come to your home or business to see the job site. Be as clear as possible about your needs and expectations.  

If you have budgetary restrictions and/or time constraints, be sure that you delineate those for the contractor. They are not mind readers! 

Your quote should detail who will obtain any necessary permits for the work. Also, make sure that it is clarified who removes any debris created by the project. 

The payment schedule should also be in the concreters’ quote. Do not pay for the entire project before it begins.

 It is reasonable to expect to pay a portion of the total cost before, part way, and after satisfactory completion of the work.  

Compare Bids 

Review the prices you have gathered from the contractors. Make sure that you are comparing ‘apples to apples.’

Remember the lowest bid is not equal to the highest quality. You want to look at pricing, timing, and references to obtain a complete picture of the best concreter for your job. 

As part of the bidding process, verify each contractor’s insurance policies and licenses to perform the work. 

Lastly, enjoy the results!