Do I have a warrant for my arrest?


When an arrest warrant is put out by a court, police often go to great lengths to keep whomever is specified by the warrant out of the loop. If they can, they won’t notify the person they plan on arresting at all, and detain them by surprise. If there’s a warrant for your arrest, it’s a very good chance that you haven’t been notified of it, and it’s highly advised that you do what you can to learn of it.

What is an arrest warrant?

An arrest warrant is a document granted by a court, which gives a police jurisdiction the power to arrest the person specified by it. Arrest warrants can be given out for any number of crimes, from homicide to unpaid parking tickets. As such, it’s important to be vigilant concerning arrest warrants, and it is quite wise to check to see if one is out for you every few months.

How can I search for a warrant?

There are many ways to search for an arrest warrant, with varying degrees of convenience, speed, and wisdom attached to them.

The first of these is an online public records check. Websites like SpyFly can be used to determine if you possess an arrest warrant with startling speed. All you need to do is search your name, and results should begin popping up immediately.

SpyFly is perhaps the most convenient way to search for an arrest warrant. It can be accessed from a smartphone, allowing you to check for an arrest warrant if you can’t reach your house at that moment, or if you fear that police are watching it.

Using SpyFly is also completely anonymous and the website does not inform anyone that the search has been performed. This means you can feel secure that you’re searching for a warrant without tipping anyone off to it.

There are other ways to discover an arrest warrant. However, keep in mind that these other methods are less advisable, for reasons that should be obvious soon.

The first of these is to visit the police station that the warrant was issued to. Simply head down there, and speak with an officer on duty. They should be able to assist you in your search and turn up the arrest warrant quite quickly. 

However, this one is quite problematic. If you’re correct, and there’s an arrest warrant out for yourself, then the many, many officers on duty have absolutely no reason not to arrest you on the spot. This method is somewhat dangerous for that reason, and should not be advised.

You can also visit the courthouse that issued the warrant. Simply head down there, and speak with the county clerk regarding the matter. They’ll add you to a (likely lengthy) queue, and will take a few days to mail you a copy of your warrant. 

There are two problems with this method. Firstly, courthouses are almost always crawling with police officers, and the chances that any of them recognize you go up the longer you’re there. You risk being arrested while present, and should not linger long if you have to. 

The other issue with this method is that the county clerk is an extension of the legal system. There are no laws preventing them from informing law enforcement that your warrant has been mailed, and crafty police chief would order a stakeout of your mailbox. Then, by the time you’re finding out if you have a warrant or not, you’re being arrested.

What should I do if I have an arrest warrant?

Speak with a lawyer. Regardless of what you’re being arrested for, or how long you’ve had the warrant out, speak with a lawyer. Many warrants can be resolved without an arrest occurring, and a lawyer will be able to give you the best possible advice.

That being said, do keep in mind that if police officers are attempting to arrest you, it’s best that you comply. Resisting arrest is extremely dangerous and can set you back considerably in the legal process.

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