Covid 19 has nothing on Nightclubs in Australia


It’s no secret that, after some time, the adult entertainment industry doesn’t do it anymore. We’re bringing you some basic nightclub news, from the age of Covid.

Since it all started, we all heard about various situations where people didn’t care for the boundaries and those that just continued their everyday lives. Australia is no exception. We are giving you a couple of things to think about:

People constantly seem to be going/staying in bars/pubs/nightclubs longer than they should

It’s almost like a guilty pleasure, an adrenaline rush, an immediate dose of dopamine. There’s something about doing things that you shouldn’t, and having that possibility you will be caught, and it doesn’t leave us even when we reach adulthood. This, of course, doesn’t work if nightclubs don’t work at all, but there’s always an alternative in the form of an empty house or apartment, where you get the same sensation for less money.

Crime rates in nightclubs aren’t higher

And why would they be? There isn’t any reason. They might even be lower, considering the fact that people haven’t been to nightclubs that much. Even though many people disobeyed the law, social distancing, and the authorities, most of them just stuck to their regular life that was just a bit altered.

The industry might break

Nothing better to spread the virus than to breathe in someone’s face. You can go to the grocery store, pharmacy, the movies, even concerts with a mask on, but nightclubs don’t fall into the category of mask-friendly places. More and more nightclubs are rebranding themselves, but still, after the rebranding, will anything stay the same? Only time will tell.

It’s not better than they’re closed

Whether you are a consumer of this kind of entertainment or strong opposition, it’s a primary income source for some people. A lot of the economy is being broken along with the nightlife. It’s not just regular strip clubs we’re talking about, but bars, pubs, and also applies to all nightlife happenings (concerts, parties, etc.). It’s not just about the Australian nightclub industry. It is affecting the whole world.

Maybe there’s light at the end of the tunnel

If we all have enough luck to recover from all this, the industry might stay alive. We can then ask the question: What kind of news can we expect in the future? Who will have money to spend on that kind of thing? And the answer is anyone who wants to. Nightlife isn’t a necessity but a desire.

The great thing about us humans is that we love entertainment. As long as we live, there will be countless ways to keep our minds occupied with things we don’t really need. From sports to the adult entertainment industry, there is something for everyone. We just have to make sure the circumstances don’t suck all the life out of us.

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