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Cool Things to Do at Mount Bromo


Mount Bromo is a part of this Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park that covers a vast area of 800 square kilometers.

Standing majestically inside the Massive caldera of the once Ancient Mount Tengger, Mount Bromo is surrounded with a vast extending sea of lava and which radiate a particular mystical beauty. Mount Bromo and the Tengger region is and the house of the Tengger sub-ethnic team who preserve their age-old customs and lifestyle. Here, you can observe the distinctive native culture and traditions of this ‘Tenggerese’ for example, their rituals, and rituals.

Below are the experiences you shouldn’t miss experiencing when you’re at Mount Bromo:

  1. Hike and watch the magnificent sunrise

The Greatest allure, and also the Reason Folks travel from full to Mount Bromo, is its own spectacular sunrise. From a vantage point about the neighboring Mount Penanjakan, the sun rises magnificently over imperial Mount Bromo because of its center, while the nearby mountain ranges produce an almost surreal atmosphere

  1. Jeep Adventure in the Sea of Sands

Sandsea around Mount Bromo also provides another experience. Considering that Jeeps are the only vehicles able to ride the challenging terrain around Mount Bromo, why don’t you get the most out of it and place yourself in a thrilling off-road jeep experience on the sea of sands? There are a whole lot of operators which will happily organize an off-road excursion around the mountain, which means you simply have to get ready and prepare for a unique feeling.

  1. Horse Shooting at the Sea of Sands

Another Superb way to enjoy the atmosphere of this sea of Sands is by driving a pony. You do not have to be frightened even if you haven’t ever been on a horse since the horses are often held by the owners in the lead rope. Aside from the noisy and noisy contemporary lifestyle, this is unquestionably one of the very best means to enjoy the tranquility of nature.

  1. Hot Coffees and Sceneries

After your experience and physical actions, Mount Immerse in the enchanting elegance of Mount Bromo, when enjoying a cup of hot coffee and accompanying snacks. Restaurants and restaurants nearby offer you a number of the most beautiful views of this mountain, which means that you may get that fantastic Bromo’s Coffee break.

  1. Sunset picnic in the savannah

End a holy day with a relaxing, relaxing sunset picnic with the best perspectives of character on the opposite side of Bromo. Situated throughout the Sea of Sand on the southern side of this mountain, you can marvel at the vast savannah and take from the pure tranquility provided at this mountain high.

  1. Combine the YadnyaKasada Traditional Ritual

Each Year, throughout the 14thday of this Kasada Month at the Conventional Hindu lunar calendar, the Tenggerese run the Yadnya Canada Additionally RoroAnteng, the girl On the afternoon of this event, The audiences who’ve traveled collectively up the mountain, throw offerings into The crater of this volcano.