A Step-By-Step Guide To Cleaning And Maintaining Your Waterhog Floor Mats


Business mats are available in a wide variety of designs, as well as colors. They are the de facto standard for commercial applications in public spaces that see a high volume of foot activity.

These mats should always be put at the entrances of establishments that are located in areas that receive a significant amount of precipitation throughout the year.

The inquiry “How Can Waterhog Mats Be Cleaned?” It is one of the questions that we get asked the most frequently. in case you were curious about it.

The straightforward response to this inquiry is that you should clean them in the same manner in which you would clean any other matting. If you would like additional information on how to correctly clean and maintain Waterhog Floor Mats, continue reading the following paragraphs.

The Use Of Dry Mats

Before vacuuming the mat using a domestic, commercial, or industrial vacuum, you should give it a few good shakes to remove any excess moisture first. It has a far higher suction force than a typical home vacuum. (To prevent dirt and dust from getting into your eyes when shaking out the mats, keep your eyes closed the entire time.

At the very least once a day, you should vacuum any dry carpets that you have in your home. This is really vital. Shake the mats out and vacuum them more frequently than once per day if you realize that they are becoming very unclean as a result of foot activity or high foot traffic. This is something you should do if you discover that the mats are becoming very dirty because of heavy foot traffic.

Wet Mats

It is advisable to use a garden hose in order to dry wet Waterhog Mats. Additionally, it can be utilized to dry out mats that have been subjected to a more in-depth cleaning process. If it is at all possible, slightly slant the mats. After that, give the mats a thorough cleaning with a strong stream of water.

You can use shampoo to wash your hands, and then you can rinse the hands off. Additionally, you can clean them by steaming them. The second choice is obligatory, although the first one can be skipped over. Put them in a place that is level so that they may dry out more rapidly.

Maintain A High Standard Of Hygiene For Your Mats

The performance of clean mats is significantly superior to that of dirty mats. Mats that have not been cleaned or maintained properly will not perform as well as mats that have been kept in good condition.

It can take a few hours for the mat to completely dry out. You will require a second one to use in the interim while the first one is drying.

Any space can benefit from an inexpensive and uncomplicated addition to its safety infrastructure in the form of mats. Mats improve traction and prevent debris like dirt and water from being tracked through your space, whereas Waterhog mats are specifically designed to capture and retain water.