9 Skills Rummy Can Develop in You!


It’s often observed that when we spend too much time on our phones while playing online games, our parents/ guardians complain that we are wasting our time. But is it always true?

Scientific studies propose that online strategic games canchange how our brains perform. How we perceive a game is very different from how our minds are impacted by it.

That’s why a simple game of cards can have a significant impact on our day-to-day lives. Yes, not just speaking in an exaggerated tone butRummy, one of India’s most ancient card game can help you enhance some of your skills!

While playing the game, you develop some Rummy skills that are as helpful as the other skills. Rummy can help you enhance your cognitive thinking and can also help you perform better professionally. These skills are listed below –

1.   Emotional Intelligence

Any game big or small is about either winning or losing. However, in a game like Rummy, winning becomes a more pressing concern, as the stakes are higher.Usually, where the money is involved, wetend to loseour cool. In the game, you need to maintain your calm to think sensibly and learn to channelise your thoughts in a productive direction, thus improving your emotional intelligence.

2.   Deep Analysis

The strategy works on the fundamental probability of things ending in your favour.One needs to analyze every step of their opponent to come up with a plan that will yield a fruitful result.

3.   Cognitive Thinking

Being attentive while playing the game is another crucial factor. Calculating the probability of each card being playedand trying to form all possible combinations in your favour is important in Rummy. These skills subsequently result in making your brain sharper.

4.   Self-Control

How you play your bets is very important. Though, it is easy to be swayed by emotions in a hurry to win big, but to know when to let go and not let your emotions take holdover your game, is the sign of great self-control.

5.   Patience

Hurrying up and impatience can ruin your game immediately. You have to be patient while playing your bets and your cards. Moreover, you have to patiently observe your opponent and wait for his/her turn to calculate your next move.

6.   Competitive spirit

Rummy is not a game of strength and endurance rather a game of strategies and intuitiveness. And therefore, it teaches you to have a healthy competitive spirit, because only correct calculations and observation can help you win!

7.   Problem-solving Skills

It also teaches you the ability to overcome the toughest situations – sometimes when your opponent analyzes your moves and plays the game in their favour;you need to smartly find a wayto turn the game in your favour.

8.   Attentiveness

Attentiveness, a keen eye for observation and full focus helps in enhancing the productivity of the player. It enables the player to be more involved in his game.

9.   Strategic Thinking

The critical rule of Rummy, every player learns is to strategize their moves even before the rounds have begun. As soon as you have your set of cards, you ought to strategize how would you play each round, so that it ends in your win.


These are some of the skills that are enhanced by playing Rummy. Rummy is a game that involves the simultaneous functioning of numerous human senses. Thus, we can now proudly say that by playing this game, we are not wasting our time, instead of investing it in developing our minds for our betterment.