5 items you will need to set up your home personal training space


Previously, most people who did not want to play sports could justify themselves by saying that it was quite difficult to master some exercises on their own, and taking lessons with a personal trainer was expensive. With the widespread development of the Internet, it has become possible to solve such issues because today, fitness trainers can conduct virtual online recommendation workouts from anywhere in the world.

Spending on portable fitness has been on the rise lately. Virtual personal training gained particular popularity among girls since female fitness does not involve the use of special shells, and many effective exercises can be performed at home. It is very convenient when an experienced trainer gives recommendations on nutrition or an online training program, remotely consults and answers questions that appear during training and dieting.

In this article, we will analyze the main 5 items for virtual fitness.

Why do you need sports equipment at home?

Earlier, we wrote that online personal training has many advantages compared to the gym. They are budgetary, psychologically comfortable and with minimal time restrictions. However, you will need a sports inverter. Bodyweight training does not provide a lot of stress on the muscles. Is it really necessary to set up a mini-gym for high-quality workouts at home? Not at all necessary! We will tell you what budget equipment will give a wide range of exercises and a visible effect.

The most useful items for fitness on the go

Camcorder or smartphone with a good quality camera

During online training, your trainer must highlight your every move and the performance of each exercise. After all, the effectiveness of your training and what progress you can achieve in a certain amount of time depends on this. In addition, you may need to record some of the exercises yourself on camera and send them to the coach.

Rubber bands

Rubber bands are a universal “gadget” for training with your own weight. They can be used to strengthen any muscle group, and they are also the smallest and most weightless sports equipment of the vast majority of existing ones.


Dumbbells are designed to put a stronger load on the muscles, thereby strengthening them and increasing endurance. Most often, with the help of dumbbells, the muscles of the arms, back and chest are strengthened.


Ball training is a challenge for posture and core muscles. In addition, the ball can help develop a sense of balance. It can be used as an additional weight during ab workouts, as well as for stretching.


A soft and non-slip mat is essential for yoga, stretching, and any exercise that needs to be done while lying or sitting on the floor. Of course, doing sports at home, you can do without a rug. However, it is he who also performs the function of insurance, forming a stable surface between you and the floor.


Approach the choice of sports equipment wisely: consult with your trainer, read reviews, and, most importantly, try and try on each of the options for yourself. Having collected a balanced set of simulators, you can get in shape without leaving your home.

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