4 Benefits Of Laundry Rack System During Rainy Season In Singapore


There is no other way to ruin a laundry day but to have a rainy day. How can you have the good old solar drying when thick clouds are blocking the sun? Most importantly, clothes smell bad when they don’t air dry properly. The key is the laundry rack system in Singapore.

This automated laundry system allows you to air dry your clothes properly inside your home on rainy days. The system has a solar drying function, cold breeze drying, and dust mite repeller feature.

Here are the benefits of an automatic retractable laundry rack in Singapore:

1. Space saver

Unlike the old manual laundry racks, which you assemble and disassemble during rainy days, this laundry rack system in Singapore. Instead of consuming your floor space, the equipment is installed on your ceiling. The racks descend when needed and ascend when drying clothes or not in use.

2. Eco-friendly

Did you know that laundromats emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere? Most laundromats run on fuels, which are notorious for carbon emissions. Using the dryer feature of your laundromat is not eco-friendly.

It is better to hang your clothes on a drying rack system in Singapore that uses electricity to operate.

3. Easy to use

There are laundry rack systems with switches mounted to your wall, just like your light switches, while others can be controlled using smartphone apps. This retractable laundry rack in Singapore is uncomplicated to use and convenient for homeowners.

4. Energy efficient

As mentioned, laundromats use non-renewable energy, such as fuel to run their machines. On the other hand, older washing machines with built-in dryers consume more power as well.

Newer models of automated laundry systems use energy-saving systems to reduce electricity consumption.

Suddenly, rainy days are not as sad anymore with an automated laundry system. Every day is a laundry day!

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